Guardians & Reds




Guardians & Reds

January 28, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Aquino 27 Majors OF Low 4.0 3.3 1.3 2 1.6 2 2.4
Johnson Minors 2B 2.5 2 2.5 3
Solomon Minors RHP 1.1 0.8 1.1 1.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Rosario 25 Majors SS Medium 3.0 18.9 12.0 6.9 4.8 6.2 7.6
  1. IMO, Cleveland would try Rosario in the OF before trading for Aquino. I can’t imagine CLE wanting Aquino. Maybe some other OF’er from the Reds, but not Aquino

    IF Trade- Frazier or Santander
    IF F.A.- Reddick, Villar, Pillar, Duvall, Goodwin, Mazara, ext.

  2. Casey Hertzler

    This is a solid trade. Reds fill a need, Indians get the fair prospects for the need and value, and they add a risky outfielder that could pay off with a scene change plus further development. Seems like a win for both sides to me.

  3. Patrick Pikell

    I’d really like for Aquino, to get a chance somewhere, and Cleveland seems to be place desperate for new outfielders. I saw on mlbtraderumors, that Reds are interested in Rosario, so I decided to see how a possible trade would look, and then post it here. I think that this is the first time, that my proposal is the featured one :). Rarely go I get more likes than dislikes.

  4. Patrick Pikell

    Speaking about likes, I wonder how much do other users care about them? Do you only post trades if you believe, that it is a win-win scenario, or do you post something because of a rumor or for other reasons? Do you make deep analysis before posting, or just throw in prospects you know nothing about to complete a deal (I tend to do it sometimes)? Do you look at the number of likes you get a couple of ours later and feel good/bad about them?

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