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September 14, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bassitt 32 Majors SP Low 1.0 21.7 8.9 12.8 10.2 12.8 15.4
Walsh 27 Majors 1B Medium 4.0 41.2 19.2 22 17.6 22 26.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Hosmer 31 Majors 1B High 4.0 3.1 60.0 -56.9 -60 -56.9 -45.6
Manaea 29 Majors SP Medium 1.0 28.0 10.1 17.9 16.1 19.7 23.3
Montas 28 Majors SP Low 2.0 50.8 12.0 38.8 31 38.8 46.6
Myers 30 Majors OF High 2.0 8.4 21.0 -12.6 -15.1 -12.6 -10.1
Cash 30


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Abrams Minors SS OF 68.3 54.6 68.3 82
Lamet 28 Majors SP Medium 2.0 22.3 15.7 6.6 5.3 6.6 7.9
  1. Guillermo hernandez

    The Angels need pitching, and they don’t have the prospects to get it. But they do have a lot of 1 thing: money. The league MVP plays for them, and is only making $8M combined this year and next. Pujols, Cobb, and Fowler are all FA at year’s end, eliminating over $50M from this year’s payroll. Upton only has 1 more year. After that, it’s just Trout Rendon and a bunch of pre-arb players (Ohtani will make a fortune when/if he gets extended). Hosmer makes $60 over then next 4 years, and I have the Padres covering half of that. Not a bargain, but Hosmer owed $30M shouldn’t affect a big market team like the Angels. Myers is overpaid, but he’s not worthless. He’s still about a 2 win player, so although he’s overpaid, he’s still a starter in an OF with Trout and Upton, allowing Marsh to return to AAA until an injury. The Angels get what they need most, in 2 top of the rotation starters. Pairing Ohtani with Montas and Manaea, takes the Angels from a black hole of a rotation to likely the AL West’s best. They lose production at 1st, but Hosmer and Myers will help fill the gap, especially if platooned. With a healthy Trout, I think this trade puts them ahead of Oakland, Seattle, and Texas, and close if not better than the Astros. It should at least allow Trout to play in his 2nd career postseason series.

    The Padres get salary relief and an upgrade at 1st and in the rotation. It cost’s them their best prospect, but between Tatis, Machado and Cronenworth, Abrams has no future in San Diego anyways.

    The A’s start their rebuild by acquiring the game’s 2nd best prospect, and an electric arm with recent injury issues. The perfect type of player to take a flyer on, hope to rebound some value, and flip at the deadline.

  2. J.M. F.

    What team trades 3/5 of their starting rotation? I don’t see the Angels wanting Hosmer and Myers dumped on them.

    • Guillermo hernandez

      A rebuilding team trades 3/5 of it’s rotation. Probably more than that, as Chapman, Olson, and Laureano are gone too if the A’s go into rebuild mode. MLBTR speculated that the A’s are cutting payroll next season, and many believe the A’s to go full rebuild. As I said above: “The A’s start their rebuild by acquiring the game’s 2nd best prospect, and an electric arm with recent injury issues. The perfect type of player to take a flyer on, hope to rebound some value, and flip at the deadline.”

      Bassitt will be 33 with one year of arbitration left. Montas is 29 with 2 years of arbitration left. Manaea is 30 with 1 year of arbitration left. It’s 3 starting pitchers, but it’s only 4 years team control. 4 arbitration eligible years of non-aces for the #2 prospect in baseball and Lamet is very fair, especially if the A’s are in fact rebuilding. I don’t believe the A’s “go for it” next year, and let 3 SP hit free agency with nothing to show for it.

      The Angels don’t want Hosmer and Myers dumped on them, but they do want 3 years out of Manaea and Montas without having to break the bank prospect wise. And the Angels don’t sign FA pitchers…like…ever. If they want to improve their SP (which they do), they can do it one of 3 ways: trade prospects for MLB SP, sign FA SP, or absorb bad contracts and get SP for doing so. I believe option C is their best use of assets.

      Thanks for the feedback. It would be odd to trade all 3, but the Rays have done it.

  3. J.M. F.

    Oakland can not count on Lamet to replace one of the three starters in this deal. Lamet can not stay healthy. As far as the Angels are concerned, they have to begin to address an extension with Ohtani. Adding the poor contracts of both Myers and Hosmer may prevent that from happening. We don’t know what the luxury tax will be in the new CBA or if their will be a hard salary cap in 2022. Sinking that much money in two poor contracts does not make sense to me.

    The only team I see getting better by this trade is the Padres with the Angels getting screwed.

    • Guillermo hernandez

      30 million owed to Hosmer over 4 years, and 20 million owed to Myers for 1 year will have no impact on whether the Angels are able to extend Ohtani or not. If they can convince Ohtani that they aren’t perennial losers, and Arte Moreno will pony up $400-500M over a decade for Ohtani has a lot more to do with their ability to extend him. Spending 50M on Myers and Hosmer so that they get 2 years of Montas and 1 year of Manaea without giving up much prospect capital is why the Angels make this deal in my mind. Don’t forget, Ohtani left an expected $200 million on the table to sign a league minimum deal, instead of waiting 4 years to sign a massive free agent contract. He did this because he wanted to play in the MLB, and the Angels rewarded this massive gift by signing 2 FA in 4 years. Who’s to say Ohtani wants to play for the Angels for the next decade if they keep coming in 4th place in their division?

      The Angels need to make a move for immediate help on the mound. They can’t wait another year or 2, because Ohtani will leave in free agency. He only has 2 more years of team control. I like the Angels taking on a few small bad contracts, rather than gutting the farm or signing some 40 year old like Greinke or Verlander (next year FA SP market is barren, plus, like I said, the Angels don’t sign SP to FA contracts), and Scherzer isn’t finishing his career on a team that has made the post season once in the last 13years.

      Myers makes them better. Montas makes them better. Manaea makes them better. Hosmer makes them all come at fewer prospect expense.

      As far as Oakland, no, they can’t count on Lamet to replace 60% of their rotation. Lamet is a buy low candidate on a team that is believed to be rebuilding. Matt Chapman has 2 arbitration years remaining. Matt Olson has 2 arbitration years remaining. Montas has 2 years of arbitration remaining. Chris Bassitt has 1 arbitration year remaining. Manaea has 1 arbitration year remaining. Mark Canha is a FA next month. Starling Marte is a FA next month. Ramon Laureano is suspended for the first month. of 2022. The A’s had a good run, but they are likely headed to a massive sell off. Puk busted, Luzardo busted. The farm is mostly bare, and the MLB club is really expensive to miss the playoffs.

      No. Lamet doesn’t replace Bassitt, Manaea, and Montas. Lamet strikes out 12 per 9 and throws 100 MPH, but can’t stay on the field. The A’s are buying low, hoping for a rebound so they can flip him. If he’s healthy, he’s a #2. If he’s healthy, he brings back a top 100 prospect at the deadline. If he’s not healthy, at least he’s cheap. If you accept that Oakland will likely sell, this is a good return. If you think the A’s try one more time, this deal doesn’t happen. I think the A’s sell,

    • Guillermo hernandez

      Also, for the record, the Angels are 9th in payroll next year, squeezed between big market teams like the Cardinals and the Reds.

      Not only do they have money to spend, they have lots of it to spend. The Angels are in the 2nd largest media market in the US. Their owner is worth about 4 billion, and the value of the team has increased 1500% in the 20 years he has owned the team. He can, and should, at minimum add $100M to next year’s payroll, and try to field a winning team. He lucked into this generation’s 2 greatest players, but won’t sign a FA pitcher. It’s honestly pathetic. They need pitching, and they need to sign one of Correa or Seager, and then they need to hope that’s enough to make Ohtani not demand his agent refuse to negotiate an extension.

  4. J.M. F.

    The Padres have been trying to dump Myers and Hosmer’s contracts with no luck. I am not an Angel fan in any way, but I just don’t see them taking two terrible contracts. Sorry.

    • Guillermo hernandez

      Dumping Myers and Hosmer is different than paying someone to take them, which is what this proposal is, both in monetary and prospect payments. The Padres could be rid of both of those contracts if they were willing to pay down some of it, or include prospect value in the trade. Also, neither contract is “terrible”, especially Myers. Bad, yes. But terrible is reserved for Pujols owed another 150M in 2016, not 2023 Hosmer making 13M per year.

      You’re welcome to your opinion. History has shown the Angels aren’t afraid of bad contracts for aging veteran position players. If you’d have said “I don’t see them signing a free agent starting pitcher”, I’d agree, because they haven’t done that since CJ Wilson a decade ago. Pujols, Hamilton, Upton, Rendon, and they traded for Vernon Wells.

      It’s 50 million spread out over 4 years. Let’s not pretend like this impacts the Angels spending in the slightest. They add 7 wins to next year’s team without signing another long term deal or giving up valuable prospects. The Angels would be lucky to make out this well in a real life scenario. 2 years of Montas, 1 year of Manaea, 1 year of Myers, 4 years of Hosmer, costs a lot more than $50M on the FA market.

      If the Angels sign a pitcher for the first time in a decade, they won’t need to do a deal like this. But nobody is trading quality pitching for Joe Adell and his strikeouts. The Angels need to find a way to add pitching. If you’d like to propose how they do it, I’m all ears. Otherwise I’m done responding to someone who just says “no” without saying why.

      • Josh Lew

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the angels made a push for Carlos Rodon. After having a great season this year and likely finishing top 5 in cy young. He would be an incredible add to their rotation, and they wouldn’t have to take on 50m in salaries to get him. Also I could see the angels taking on one of Hosmer or Myers, but not both.

        • Guillermo hernandez

          The proposal includes $30M in salary being sent to the Angels. That’s all of Myers’ salary plus 20% of Hosmer’s salary.

          I think someone will give Rodon $30M per year over multiple years. Injury concerns will limit the length of the deal, but not the annual average. It’ll cost someone $100M to sign Rodon.

          The Last starting pitcher the Angels signed to a multi year contract was CJ Wilson in 2012. The next time they do it, is the next time I believe they will do it. Til then, I can’t say “well, they should just sign one of the 2 best FA starters on the market”, because they haven’t ever signed the even the 10th best SP on the FA market.

          If Angels fans want a SP upgrade, they need to rosterbate to what they are willing to give up, or what they are willing to take on, because Arte Moreno doesn’t sign checks to free agent pitchers.

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