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October 22, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
McMahon 26 Majors 1B 2B Medium 2.0 26.9 9.5 17.4 13.9 17.4 20.9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Mead Minors 3B 2B 7.3 5.8 7.3 8.8
Poche 27 Majors LHRP Low 4.0 11.4 4.9 6.5 5.2 6.5 7.8
Wendle 31 Majors 3B 2B Medium 2.0 14.6 10.0 4.6 3.7 4.6 5.5
  1. Jake Vanderlinde

    Interesting proposal. I’ll be honest I don’t know enough about McMahon to comment if he’s what the Rays are after. Would prefer to give up another 40 spot then Mead though.

    • M P

      I don’t see any reason the Rays would be interested in trading for a 2B/3B who has never had a 100 wRC+ season.

      • Tyler Paddor

        Because he can play 3 infield positions (and is a top 3 3B defender in MLB), has high end EVs, and good plate discipline. The Rays would turn McMahon into a 120 wRC+ player with top-tier defense. That’s their model.

        • M P

          The Rays are drowning in middle infielders and have all world defender Taylor Walls looking for a home. McMahon’s defensive skills aren’t a selling point if they don’t come with a bat. In McMahon’s case, his splits don’t excite me. Yes, the Rays would maximize his bat by aggressively platooning him against RHP, but the Rays already have good bats against RHP. Plus, McMahon only hit 106 wRC+ against RHP last year. Almost all of the Rays’ bats hit at least 106 overall, meaning his best split would still be worse than the rest of the Rays, in particular Joey Wendle, the guy he’s supposed to replace.

          The more I look into McMahon the less I like. Sorry, but this would be a hard no for me.

          • Tyler Paddor

            Apparently, McMahon’s defensive skills aren’t a selling point without a bat but Walls’ certainly are… Wander needs to play SS and Walls doesn’t profile well as a 3B offensively.

            In terms of your criticisms of McMahon, it seems Rockies player evaluation is always a bit misguided. Rockies splits are completely irrelevant — home games are paradise and road games are pandemonium because of the altitude adjustment on pitch recognition (think Willy Adames at the Trop v on the road). If McMahon gets in a lineup with protection and is molded by a coaching and player dev staff lightyears ahead of the Rockies’ he will undoubtedly become a 4 win player or better.

          • M P

            I meant no offense TPA. If the Rays see a 120 wRC+ bat with McMahon in their system, then he’s someone they should consider. However, he’s never sniffed 120 in his career, so I’m a bit skeptical.

            He’s also a 2 year arb player, so he’s not a good fit for the Rays, who are probably looking to trade Wendle this offseason because he’s also a 2 year arb player. Walls is pre-arb and had a wRC+ north of 100 in his first call up last year (before the Rays started sending him up and down). I believe Walls is capable of 90-110 wRC+ next year with exceptional defense, which is certainly equivalent to McMahon’s career to date.

            That’s just how I see it. The Rockies have players I like. McMahon just isn’t one of them. Sorry.

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