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Angels & Reds

January 2, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Farmer 30 Majors SS 3B Medium 3.0 9.5 5.7 3.8 3 3.8 4.6
Gray 31 Majors SP Low 2.0 50.5 22.2 28.3 22.6 28.3 34
Winker 27 Majors OF Medium 2.0 36.1 17.0 19.1 15.3 19.1 22.9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Marsh 23 Majors OF Low 6.0 66.5 19.2 47.3 37.8 47.3 56.8
Rivera Minors LHP OF 0.5 0.3 0.5 0.7
Suarez 23 Majors SP LHRP Medium 4.0 19.2 10.5 8.7 6.9 8.7 10.4
  1. doofus walstib

    Please, get creative, think outside the box. Evaluate if both teams are getting value in return. Stop with the belief (and mantra) that the Reds will deal their top players for buckets of used balls because they seem to be cutting salary. Maybe they want to trim salary so they can give raises to Arb eligible players?

    Marsh is presently overrated by this website, he should be valued in the mid-teens until he can learn to make contact with ML pitching. Suarez is a mediocre pitcher.

    Gray has been an all-star and is a Top 3 starter in any rotation. Winker was an All-Star last season.

    This proposal is no good (TPING) will be my new acronym for bad proposals.

    • Ken Matsumoto

      Yeah, you’re right.
      I need to think more flexible.
      And I’m sorry to disturb you.

      I really like Marsh but I also think his TV is overrated. Detmers also same.
      (Jo Adell, I feel his TV is just a little underrated)
      Anyway, I’m always worrying about it -trade value score.
      Yep, Detmers is young, have possibility, and his salary is lower level. But why his TV is bigger than Gray ??
      It makes me confuse when I try to make trade plan w/ Gray.
      (About Castillo, I can see that we can hardly get him)
      And I really wish if I could add “cash” but I don’t know well about MLB regulation for “trade with cash”.

      I’m a beginner MLB fan, trying to study MLB trading through this website.
      I’m waiting for someone’s comment which helps my understanding MLB trading.
      Your comments also same.

      Thank you so much for your helping.

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