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January 12, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Martinez Minors SS 33.7 27 33.7 40.4
McGuire 26 Majors C Medium 4.0 6.2 1.6 4.6 3.7 4.6 5.5
Tellez 26 Majors 1B Medium 3.0 6.4 4.9 1.5 1.2 1.5 1.8
Wiemer Minors OF 11 8.8 11 13.2

Blue Jays

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Hader 27 Majors LHRP Very low 2.0 47.5 25.0 22.5 22.5 27 31.5
Lauer 26 Majors SP Medium 3.0 16.2 7.0 9.2 7.4 9.2 11


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Merryweather 29 Majors RHRP Low 5.0 4.3 1.9 2.4 1.9 2.4 2.9
Olson 27 Majors 1B High 2.0 71.2 30.0 41.2 37.1 45.3 53.6
  1. Nathan Thompson

    Down vote for Oakland.

    Tellez and McGuire don’t belong in an Olson trade. Trading Matt Olson should bring back max impact and those two aren’t that.

    • Bryan F

      Correct. We will call Tellez/McGuire stopovers.

      The max impact you’re talking about is Orelvis Martinez hitting 115 mph moonshots into the Vegas night sky.

      • Nathan Thompson

        Call me an optimist but I think Vegas skies are going to be reserved for minor league moonshots.

        Tellez is a “No” because he’s not very good. McGuire is fairly valuable, which makes me think the A’s can get more upside in his stead.

        • Bryan F

          I figure there are a few Raiders fans that use to have the same feelings.

          But I will join you in the optimism. I would rather see a 32 team league rather than have a couple teams move cities (A’s/Rays). I’m actually hoping for an expansion plan to add a couple teams in the new CBA. By year 2025/2030 or what not. It is a longshot though I know.

          Tellez might not be good, but I wouldn’t call him bad. Nonetheless anyone trading away Olsen is going to be downgrading at 1B.

          • Nathan Thompson

            Agreed on the 1B downgrade once the A’s move on from Olson.

            And Raiders fans should have known better. The Davis family had already moved the team TWICE before the journey to Vegas.

    • x x


      You’re saying McGuire doesn’t belong in an Olson trade even though he’s part of an overpay. But it’s fine to include him in a trade for Chapman or Murphy where you use Piscotty as a salary dump limiting the return for the A’s?

      • Nathan Thompson


        Olson should be all about adding upside. Including McGuire in a Chapman deal is about adding upside by flipping Murphy. I added Piscotty to Murphy and was still able to “land” Volpe, who’s likely to be a Top 20 prospect this year.

        • x x

          Well then what’s the problem with acquiring McGuire here and then trading Murphy later to another team?

          • Nathan Thompson

            Because you’re using Olson instead of a lesser chip to acquire McGuire.

            Let the Brewers keep Tellez. The Jays keep McGuire. Have the Brewers send Frelick instead of Weimer and the Jays can balance out with the Brewers.

            The Blue Jays will still be in the market for Chapman and you can get McGuire then, if you like.

          • x x

            I like a Chapman extension and an Olson for another season but despite the number of times I’ve included McGuire to Oakland I’ve been thinking there are better options. Like Alex Jackson who is available after Miami acquired Stallings and I’ve seen in your trades.

            If the Blue Jays FO is anything like their fans then I’m done with them. They want Olson+Chapman+Manaea+Bassitt for Kirk and Biggio. Same goes for the Brewers except with Turang and Lauer.

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