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January 26, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Olson 27 Majors 1B High 2.0 71.2 30.0 41.2 37.1 45.3 53.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Arias Minors SS 21.8 17.4 21.8 26.2
Falter 24 Majors LHRP Low 6.0 16.2 9.3 6.9 5.5 6.9 8.3
O'Hoppe Minors C 8.5 6.8 8.5 10.2
Vierling 24 Majors OF Medium 6.0 20.8 12.1 8.7 7 8.7 10.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Plesac 26 Majors SP Low 4.0 37.4 13.3 24.1 19.3 24.1 28.9
  1. Nathan Thompson

    Olson to Cleveland is an obvious fit for a Guardians team that wants to launch their new brand with a playoff run.

    The Phillies could use another SP and this allows them to save whatever payroll space they have for a left-side, infield upgrade.

    Oakland gets the type of return they’re rumored to be shopping for. Gabriel Arias is a blue-chip prospect with the glove for SS and the bat for 3B. He had success in AAA and could/should push for a job during Spring Training. O’Hoppe is a good Catcher prospect who’ll start 2022 in the upper minors and could get a cup o’ coffee (or more) by the end of the season. There were rumors Oakland was shopping Sean Murphy pre-lockout so building Catcher depth makes a lot of sense, especially if the A’s are also considering moving Soderstrom to a new position. Falter came up as a SP before Philly moved him to the big league bullpen but I see no reason why the A’s wouldn’t give him a shot at their rotation in 2022. Oakland has a lot of LHH outfielders, Vierling can balance that out. The scouting reports range from “passable” to “average” CF defense and the A’s have shown time and again they’re OK with that. He hits the ball hard and they’d probably try and get him to add loft to his swing.

  2. Dessicant Bay

    Plesac is vastly overrated. His real market value will be quarter of BTV. He has 4.79 FIP in worst division. You can get plenty of that in FA market for around 8mil a year.

    Replace fringe prospects to Mick Abel and replace Plesac to Qauntrill then it would work out evenly

    • Nathan Thompson

      I’m fine with swapping Plesac for Quantrill. There’s about a 3 point TV difference that Cleveland would need to make up but that shouldn’t be an issue.

    • Big Bat

      Your opinion on Plesac is flawed. “Vastly overrated” is laughable.

        • Big Bat

          No thank you. Cleveland needs to address a corner OF and C before 1B even though Olson is an obvious upgrade there. If a competing team is trading for Olson then they’re probably giving up prospects to get him, not parts of their rotation. Especially when you factor in performance, cost and years of control. Would love to have Olson, but not at the expense of Quantrill.

          • Nathan Thompson

            OK. Thanks for the input.

      • Dessicant Bay

        His career fip is 4.63 while projection shows 5.00 what can I say more?

        • Big Bat

          If you’re basing a decision based off of a best guess, projection stat instead of actual numbers then I can see why you’re underrating him. Problem for you is FIP isn’t used in determining the value or the performance of a pitcher. Seeing how his career FIP is 4.63 and his actual ERA is 3.93 for a just turned 27 yr old should indicate to you that FIP isn’t very accurate, but you do you.

          • Dessicant Bay

            I have huge trust to FIP over ERA as it has too many flaws.

            Statcast has been industry standard for years already and here is Plesac’s xERA for three years calculated by his hard hit ratio, exit velocity of balls in play and more:

            2019: 5.40
            2020: 3.40
            2021: 4.52

            Again this is from AL Central which has been arguably worst offensive division in baseball for last three years. He might have this guardian Angel who can save him from all RISP situation but I don’t think he has proven a good case since his luck angel came back down to earth this year.

          • John Bitzer

            So you think ERA is an accurate measure of a pitcher?

  3. Big Bat

    ERA is a better marker for past performance than FIP is for future predictions, but no, ERA isn’t exactly what I would call accurate. There are several indicators to use. Hard hit rate, LD%, GB%, FB%, BB9, SO9, H9, WHIP are all good indicators for a pitchers performance. BABIP and FIP aren’t worth a shit. A pitcher like Plesac that effectively pitches to contact in order to pitch deeper into games is going to get artificially dinged by BABIP and FIP.

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