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March 14, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Cusick Minors RHP 5.4 4.3 5.4 6.5
Estes Minors RHP 2.6 2.1 2.6 3.1
Langeliers Minors C 27.8 22.2 27.8 33.4
Pache 22 Majors OF Medium 6.0 8.1 0.6 7.5 6 7.5 9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Olson 27 Majors 1B High 2.0 71.2 30.0 41.2 37.1 45.3 53.6
    • Justin Lane

      Langeliers being part of this trade is odd unless perhaps Oakland is dealing Murphy.

      • Will M

        They just took the best prospect they could get regardless of position. They won’t find trading Langeliers for a better fit all that difficult

        • A H

          Should be a good lesson for A’s fans – the system is devoid of quantity and quality. They should be open to accepting the best prospect they can, regardless of position or level.

  1. Lincoln DD

    Nice job, pretty much nailed it.

    I wonder if the acquisition of Pache and Langeliers impacts the future of Laureano and Murphy.

  2. Mike Mulligan

    Trade the entire farm for two years of a first basemen instead of re-signing your 12 year player that endured your rebuild. Braves poverty franchise.

  3. DJ dajuba

    I could see Pache and/or Langeliers being flipped, although Pache in CF until Laureano returns isn’t bad

  4. Raymond King

    Murphy gotta be on the move… Hate knowing the rich get richer with Freeman likely going to Dodgers..

    • John Bitzer

      It’s a nice fit for Olson personally, so I’m happy for him. From the A’s perspective, it would have been nice to get Harris, but there’s a lot of upside in this package. Good mix of floor and ceiling.

      • M P

        Agreed. I expected Harris and an overpay.

    • michael megale

      I know How big of an a”s fan you are so I am very curious how you feel about the return for Oakland

      • Nathan Thompson

        I wouldn’t have picked Estes and Cusick at the price point but that’s preference over concern. Langeliers is a good prospect, ranked in the top 75 by FG, BA, and BP. Law had him at #80. I think he’s a better piece then anyone Texas was willing to part with and at least comparable to the best the Yankees were rumored to consider.

        I’m not a fan of Pache. I have doubts about the bat. The glove gives him a workable floor and there are plenty of people who believe he’ll hit enough.

        Overall, a solid trade for the A’s… call it a “B” grade because I’d have preferred different arms and can’t get behind Pache’s bat.

          • Nathan Thompson

            Soderstrom. But the bat’s so damn good they may not wait for the glove to catch up.

        • Kyle Migliore

          I essentially agree with that analysis. I’m not blown away, but it’s solid. The specific guys they got back are curious, because of the fit, but I think Langeliers is essentially the headliner, and Pache is the second top prospect in the deal. I would have liked to have gotten either Tucker Davidson or Kyle Muller, but with both of the position players we got, we had to step down a little on the pitchers. I’m not going to underestimate Cusick though. His stock could easily rise this year. He was their first round pick from 2021, and he’s a big guy with good stuff. He, Estes and J.T. Ginn can now be grouped together as guys who will start at the High-A and AA levels this year.

  5. DJ dajuba

    Lot of teams looking for CF help, Pache & Laaureano could bring back a nice return

    • M P

      Pache won’t be much help in 2022 though, if his prior Major League performance is any indication. And Grover is right, Pache doesn’t have a good bat. He hasn’t even hit in AAA.

      • pops litteral

        CF: I expect a Pache/Barrera platoon to cover for Laureano’s 28 missed games this spring.

  6. Daniel Miller

    Good deal from Oakland’s POV. Braves get what they need as Freeman is (apparently) gone, but it comes at a cost for the future.

    As others have mentioned above, Oakland can (and should) move Laureano and Murphy to help accelerate the rebuild timeline, as they now have suitable replacements coming in from this deal.

  7. Jack Bergstrom

    This doesn’t account for losing the best first baseman in baseball. Gave up prospects number 1,2,6,14 all to avoid paying Fred a 6th year. Langaliers was the one guy I thought was untouchable. As a Braves fan I’m absolutely disgusted at this trade. No way to convince me it’s a good deal for us.

    • michael megale

      Bro you just got Matt Olsen sorry about freeman that was probably the better move instead of giving up the whole farm but try being excited you just got a superstar

    • Jordan Liff

      Matt Olson is better today than Freddie Freeman is across all accounts. It’s tough to argue otherwise.

    • Guillermo hernandez

      Lots of reasons not to pay a 1st baseman til he’s 40. Ask the Angels, Orioles, and Tigers.

  8. Jordan Liff

    Hey John – can you expand on why Pache is only worth 7.5? He’s a top-40 prospect with immense upside; he could already be the best defensive CF in the game and is still 22. What’s the logic there?

    • John Bitzer

      He’s not a Top 40 prospect based on the evaluators we trust the most. He hasn’t hit at all, and his stock has dropped dramatically as a result. He was badly overmatched at the MLB level last year, and even when Atlanta was struggling after losing Acuna and Ozuna, they did not call him up — instead playing replacement-level guys and trading for four others. All of that showed that the FO had lost confidence in his ability to hit. Further, he has only one option left, so if he doesn’t hit this year, he’ll probably be given one last chance next year, after which, if he still can’t hit, he’ll be a journeyman like so many other glove-first OFs who couldn’t hit (Juan Lagares, Albert Almora, Jake Marisnick, etc.).

    • M P

      Seriously?!? Best defensive CF??? You might be surprised by his OAA, DRS and UZR defensive grades then. And his bat is real bad. He hasn’t even hit in AAA. I’m surprised he has the value he does.

      • Guillermo hernandez

        Agree. A lot more Kevin Pillar than Kevin Kiermaier. Pache’s true talent level looks to be a well below average hitter, and slightly better than average fielder. The NL would need to adopt a 2nd DH for Pache to have a starting gig anytime soon.

  9. Erik Jager

    Finally, a reasonable fair deal was done. The Sony Gray deal had me believing that the MLB GMs were having a crack trading party. The godless Yankees didn’t get Olson at least. Cashman will have to give Freeman a stupid expensive long-term deal.

  10. Keith Privette

    The Yankees wouldn’t trade Volpe for two years of Olson. Would they trade him for four years of Murphy?

    • Nathan Thompson

      Beane needs to tell Cashman to not even call about Murphy unless Volpe is on the table.

      • Kyle Migliore

        100%. I can see not giving up a Top 15-20 overall prospect for Olson based on his trade value, but if Murphy or Laureano come into play, you’re ponying up.

      • Guillermo hernandez

        I don’t know. Every Yankee fan on twitter thinks Torres is enough for pretty much the entire Oakland roster.

  11. Kyle Migliore

    Another pretty close match in value. Well done! I could see that being even a little better for the A’s too. Pache’s value could rebound if he shows anything in the majors this year, and Cusick could easily move up if he has a good first full season.

  12. Guillermo hernandez

    I wonder if the Yankees pivot to try to get Sean Murphy or Laureano. Murphy probably available with Langeliers being 24 years old and starting the year in AAA.

      • Guillermo hernandez

        Volpe is definitely available for Murphy or Laureano. Good SS are available in FA every year. Good C and CF are rarely available, even by trade.

        Cashman has been to 1 series in 20 years. You can’t be the richest franchise in American sports and be waiting for the 20 year old in A ball to develop, while you finish in 4th place in the AL East with a $230M payroll. They should blow past the threshold, as a $10M penalty on a $270M payroll is pocket change to a 8 billion dollar franchise.They should sign Story (or Correa), trade Volpe for Murphy or Laureano, and try to turn the still young Torres into an upgrade elsewhere.

        With no shift, 2nd base defense suddenly got really important again. If Torres can’t play SS because he boots too many balls, he can’t play 2nd either. I’m not impressed with the current Yankees. Judge, Stanton, Voit, and Donaldson will all see the IL, maybe multiple times. That lineup stinks with 2 of them out of it. Their rotation is a Cy Young contender and a bunch of #4’s. Montgomery impressed, but lets see if it carries over. Severino hasn’t pitched in 3 years, and when he has, he’s down 3 MPH from his peak.

        Volpe is available.


          Volpe should be available but I don’t think he is. Cashman has shown over the years that a few prospects reach an untouchable status and he doesn’t back off that. He wasn’t willing to deal Frazier to get Cole from the Pirates, he won’t let go of one of the most hyped Yankee prospects in recent years. It’s a little frustrating as a Yankees fan because they have a million SS prospects in their system.

          It appears the plan is to let IKF hold down SS until Peraza is ready and then Peraza moves when Volpe is ready. If you honestly think a team with an aging roster and championship aspirations should wait on a single A prospect and a platoon a catcher, you’re sadly mistaken. I guess we know which owner was pitching the 14 team playoff structure because that’s the only way they’re getting in considering the competition in the AL East.

          • Guillermo hernandez

            Agree wholeheartedly.

            Compared to other AL East opponents, excluding Baltimore, the Yankees have the:
            worst right side of the infield
            worst left side of the infield
            most often injured CF
            most often injured DH
            worst C situation
            worst 2-5 SP
            most Arb eligible players
            most money by far!!!!!!!!!!!!

            You’re right, they are the team pushing for more playoff spots.

  13. Ken Matsumoto

    Fair trade in the simulator.
    Great jpb, Mr. Bitzer. Your simulator works very well.

  14. michael megale

    Olsen 8 year 168 million extension with Braves Lol so now it is clear money isn’t an issue so why not just pay freemen who wanted to be a brave for life and is who is your franchise player with acuna who the fans love and keep your farm system so they literally gave up prospects 1,26,14 to pay there first baseman what 30 million less in total earnings

      • John Bitzer

        Mainly that Olson is five years younger, so they’re buying his prime years rather than Freeman’s likely decline years.

          • John Bitzer

            They get better value this way monetarily. But they paid for part of it with prospects. There’s no free lunch.

          • Guillermo hernandez

            They signed an MVP candidate in his 20s to Eric Hosmer’s contract. It’s a no doubter you’d rather pay 28 year old Matt Olson Hosmer-money than 33 year old Freeman.

            Hosmer’s contract is terrible, but he was a 2 win player when he signed it. Olson is a 5 win player, still in his prime. Love this for the Braves.

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