Dodgers & White Sox




Dodgers & White Sox

April 1, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Kimbrel 33 Majors RHRP Very high 1.0 15.0 16.0 -1 -2 -1 0

White Sox

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Pollock 33 Majors OF Medium 2.0 18.3 20.0 -1.7 -1.7 -1 -0.3
  1. Nate Dub

    Unless the Dodgers have something else in the works, I don’t get this one for them. OF was already a little thin, and now, it’s almost unforgiving for any injuries.

    Current OF configuration is probably Taylor/Lux in LF, Bellinger in CF, Betts in RF. This puts Lux in the lineup every day, and is hinging on his ability to put it all together.

    But a single injury in that group, and you’re looking at Kevin Pillar getting selected, or James Outman, maybe Trea Turner? Either way, it weakens the offense.

    • jeff blackwell

      Jake Lamb and Edwin Rios can play COF for LAD but not CF. But if Belli slumps it may be problems in OF depth.

      • M P

        You need a CF, Rays have CFers. Give us a call.

        • Guillermo hernandez

          I don’t see any way that Bellinger isn’t cut this week. He was awful in 2021, and all he’s done is K this spring training. If they cut him this week, they pay him 1/6 of his salary, and move on. If they do cut him, I predict KK and MEadows are heading to LA.

      • jeff blackwell

        Betts and Outman can play CF but if Belli has a repeat of 2021, LAD will need for CT3 to be durable as MP2891 points out.
        There’s Pillar without options and Lux but his defense has lapses- still 6 is a lot of CF depth.
        My guess is if CT3 and Belli are out, Betts can carry CF for a month or so.

    • jeff blackwell

      I know this seems far-fetched but I think LAD will pick up J Upton as FA when his DFA expires. (like last year w/ Pujols)
      I would have thought with the universal DH he’d have had more trade value.
      He can be a weak-side platoon w/ 880 OPS for Muncy at DH. This is low cost way to compensate for Pollock’s RHB.
      There’s still the LF defense — probably combo platoon of CT3 R, Lux L, Rios L.

  2. M P

    A little surprised the White Sox made this trade with Crochet needing TJS. I guess they figured saving a few dollars and solidifying the outfield was worth the hit to the Pen.

    • jeff blackwell

      If AJP stays healthy this could be a great trade by CWS — Hendriks and Bummer are among best high-lev RPs.
      For LAD a 1.0 sv in 2022 would make it a winner, whether he closes or not. Treinen, Vesia haven’t looked as good as Bazooka has (love Graterol’s nickname)

  3. jeff blackwell

    I believe LAD made a deal with Justin Upton’s agent before this trade. With Upton DHing vs LHPs some of the loss of Pollock’s RHB offense is restored.
    In 2021, Upton hit almost 900 OPS vs LHP and also @ home. He’s had a strong ST, too. That’s a $700K sure bet (wish Kimbrel was as sure a bet.)

  4. Bill Klein

    As a Twins fan I HATE this trade (it’s a good trade the the Pale Hose. Pollack is a solid RH bat if he can stay healthy. As a Dodgers fan as well, I like this trade a lot. Kimbrel, if he’s the Kimbrel of last year, will be a dominant closer for L.A. The Dodgers will sign Upton and Lux is primed for a breakout. This trade benefits BOTH teams.

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