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Royals & Braves

June 17, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Grissom Minors 3B 7.2 5.8 7.2 8.6
Muller 24 Majors SP LHRP Low 5.7 10.3 4.8 5.5 4.4 5.5 6.6
Waters Minors OF 7 5.6 7 8.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Benintendi 27 Majors OF Medium 0.7 17.2 5.7 11.5 9.2 11.5 13.8
Merrifield 33 Majors 2B OF Medium 1.7 15.6 7.9 7.7 6.2 7.7 9.2
  1. Mac Daddy

    A. Benintendi & W. Merrifield, I think they’re both solid veteran players who are playing well, Benintendi much more so than Merrifield. However, neither one is such a good fit for Atlanta. What do you like in this trade proposal?

    Rosario’s back in a few weeks and when that happens, what? It’s a tough choice for me, Rosario or Merrifield in the OF. With Rosario also under contract through next year, I’ll stick with him for the Braves rather than playing Merrifield in OF. Benintendi also plays OF. I like Benintendi better than these other two, but still what to do with Rosario also on the roster.

    Rosario to DH? So then Ozuna on the bench? Or Rosario’s not back? Lots to gamble with there.

    Ozhaino Albies is maybe back in early August. When he does, I’m hoping that he can play near his career-average level or better. Would this be a trade meant to hold down 2B until then? And when Albies is back, is it then Merrifield or Benintendi to OF or DH? Where’s Rosario and Ozuna in all this?

    So it’d be nice to hedge bets in terms of getting Albies and Rosario back, and that’s what this trade is addressing on Atlanta’s side at least. Trying to find AB’s for these two guys could be a good problem to have, but if that’s to be then this trade isn’t efficient.

    If we’re quite certain that neither Rosario or Albies is back to playing like they did in 2022 then this trade might be good. Right now though, I’m liking Harris in CF and Arcia holding down 2B. If these two can hold it down while the Braves stay in playoff contention then this trade is one that’ll be better if they don’t take the deal.

    Turning to the return for the Royals, those are prospects from the Braves are among their very best. Are they the best additions to the Royals though? The Royals need a return that’s a sure-bet to stick in the Majors. Is that any of these Braves prospects? I’m on the fence.

    What I am sure of is that Merrifield isn’t going anywhere before this year’s Deadline. However, if I was having to trade him, this is the sort of trade I’d be in on. If I was buying on these three guys, none of which I, as a Braves fan, am, then this would be a good trade IMO.

    So, it’s a TL;DR Comment that I liked putting together just to say “no thanks”. I think Ozzie and Eddie are coming back, making Whit and Andrew overkill. I also don’t think the Braves have the $ to increase payroll right now.

    And I think it’s going to be a race to catch the Mets.

    • Nate Dyhre

      Benintendi is an automatic upgrade from Duvall (whom they should move on from; package him to another team in a smaller deal). Benintendi then gets the bulk of the starts even when Rosario returns. Let Rosario play his way into a starting role again especially if Benintendi starts off hot in Atlanta. Benintendi gives Atlanta the OF flexibility it needs, similar to last year with Soler, Rosario and Duvall.

      Merrifield mans 2B until Albies returns but keep in mind a return from the IL does not mean he will be hot right away. Again, Merrifield gives Atlanta flexibility in the IF as well as the OF. Cannot have too many good players on a team pushing for the postseason.

      Arcia is a fine player so keeping him is great. Harris looks promising but he is a rookie and you can NEVER trust rookies in the postseason other than coming off the bench IMO. “Overkill” does not exist in a postseason scenario and Atlanta should be an easy WC team; these vets help them right away.

      As far as KC…Grissom plays 3B next season (if he comes out of ST hot) at some point; Muller should be ready for the rotation right away (he can’t be worse than Keller has this season); and Waters has had enough time in the upper minors to warrant big league opportunities especially on a team still putting things together in KC.

  2. a mar

    Would be nice acquisition for Braves. However given the limited quality available and urgency of the Braves needs the Royals could obtain more. This proposal and squeezing in another arm and or prospect going to KC is plausible. An overpay is needed to make this happen now or Royals could wait out the market with other suiters..

    • Nate Dyhre

      Muller, Grissom, and Waters are outstanding prospects and would fit perfectly with KC’s current construct. This a deal KC should be thrill to get if given the opportunity.

  3. Tony Anamege

    This doesn’t really benefit the braves by much. Merrifield hasn’t been having a good year at all, so why go to him when the braves have Arcia and other infielders in the minors, while waiting for Albies? Though small sample, Arcia has been hitting much better Merrifield, who is hitting well below league average. Benintendi is indeed better than Duvall, but issues arrive when Rosario comes back. Benintendi is a terrible fielder, so he wouldn’t be able to play CF if Harris does indeed struggle. The braves also would not move Acuna back to center, nor would they put Rosario there. You could platoon him DH, but I don’t see that happening personally.

      • Tony Anamege

        Good thing I’m talking about this year, where he’s not playing like a gold glover. He’s also been rough in CF for his career which is where he would have to play if Harris struggles.

        • Nate Dyhre

          Merrifield and Benintendi aren’t killing it this season, but go back and look at the stats on Rosario and Soler last year before they were dealt to Atlanta…not sexy at all. I don’t see issues with Harris and Heredia playing CF, while Acuna plays RF/DH and other COF options include Ozuna, Rosario and Benintendi. This only gets tricky if/when Albies returns to play 2B everyday and Merrifield has to move off. Merrifield is very capable in CF which means you option Harris back.

          Benintendi would never play anywhere else other than LF.

          I still thinks this is a fair trade.

          • Tony Anamege

            I’ll give you Rosario, no one expected that 2nd half. Soler was different, as he was underperforming compared to the actual results. His savant numbers were actually pretty good, and he had a lot of bad luck before the trade. That’s not really that case here. Benintendi’s bat is fine and numbers back him up at least, but the same can’t be said for Merrifield. Also if Harris is still solid enough with the big league club, then the need for LF drops. If the team got either player for that spot, that’s at least 3 LF’s. Ozuna should never see the field(really bad LF), so we shouldn’t entertain that thought if we can. Heredia is a defensive replacement at this point, so platooning with him and Harris would not be ideal from an offensive POV.

            If the braves need a 2B, targeting one that becomes a FA (like Drury) after the season would be better than one with multiple years.

            I just don’t see much of a gain from this trade personally.

      • Nate Dyhre

        See I really like Drury, but not at 2B. His range is spotty and I think moving him to CIF makes sense, as he’s played mostly at 3B in Cincy. I think Drury or Wisdom would be perfect in TB…completely different discussion.

        Merrifield isn’t having an outstanding year but I do think he would be valuable for a postseason team, plus he is under team control next season…that provides value at worst for a potential offseason trade if he isn’t up to standard. I like his flexibility all around the diamond and OF. None of the CF options are that strong (Harris, Heredia), so I think they should roll with what they got; they can and should upgrade COF.

        I am not saying this is a slam dunk trade but I think it makes enough sense as Atlanta should have Acuna and Albies for the postseason, making their team much better than last year with these two potential trade candidates from KC.

        I standby might proposal though I know its not perfect and not everyone will agree. Cheers!

    • Mac Daddy

      I agree that trading for Merrifield wouldn’t help the Braves much in these coming weeks until Ozhaino Albies is able to take the field because his bat is sub-par. So far, Merrifield’s just not having a great season at the plate. He’s playing better now than he was, but he’s just not playing well enough right now to make it worth the few weeks. For years, he’s been around “league average, @ 100 wRC+, but not this year. His offense is more alike to Travis Demeritte’s in my eyes.

      Too right about Arcia’s bat. He’s one of the better hitters on the team right now. Gotta be thinking relatively here.

      I still like Duvall a lot and I agree that Benintendi is the better player. They both have seemed to vacillate between hot and cold though and that’d take some perfect managing to have both Benintendi and Duvall. And throw Rosario into the equation, he’s streaky too, and this isn’t a good solution.

      As to Benintendi’s defense, I’m split. I’m persuaded by both sides. So I settle for the idea that he’s somewhere in between. But he’s not the backup CF, that’d be Duvall. Heredia wouldn’t be on the roster with these two guys coming in as per the original trade proposal.

      Look, the Braves are winning these days and winning big. They’re up against some other winning teams in the coming weeks. Let’s see where they are in the NL East and we’ll know more about Rosario and Albies coming back. Let’s also keep playing this hot hand in Arcia, Contreras, and Harris.

  4. Ben Huber

    The rest of Merrifield’s contract is really unattractive to me. You’d have to have sights on flipping him in order to consider this trade IMO.

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