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Brewers & Yankees

July 4, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Gallo 28 Majors OF Medium 0.5 8.9 5.4 3.6 2.9 3.6 4.3
Higashioka 32 Majors C Medium 2.5 7.9 5.1 2.8 2.2 2.8 3.3


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Narvaez 30 Majors C Medium 0.5 6.9 2.5 4.4 3.6 4.4 5.3
  1. Anthony Autry

    Brewers laugh until their ribs hurt and hang up. Nobody in baseball wants Gallo much less would trade anything for him. The Yankees are looking for outfielders and are desperately trying to get rid of him. Higashioka is even worse than Gallo, if that’s possible.

    • Douglas Joslyn

      Gallo had a 139 ops+ with Texas last year at the time he was traded. His career ops+ is 111. Some players can’t handle NYC. He appears to be one of those players. His underlying numbers are very similar to his career numbers. 98th% in barrels, 95th% in BB%, 90th% in max exit velocity, 88% in hard hit%. Milwaukee will not find many other outfielders with Gallo’s upside available at the deadline, especially at such a low cost. Higgy can be replaced with a low grade prospect if Milwaukee would prefer to make the deal if they’d like. Higgy is almost a throw in here anyways.

  2. Douglas Joslyn

    Gallo gets a change of scenery he desperately needs.

    Yankees get an upgrade of their back up catcher. Narvaez is producing slightly better than league average offense at the catcher position and has improved defensively the past few years. He is a free agent after the season and the Brewers have Victor Caratini producing career numbers offensively with another year of team control left.

    Brewers get an outfielder with some pop that a positive regression toward his career norms would fit nicely in Milwaukee’s lineup. It also upgrades their outfield defense. They replace Narvaez with a back up catcher with 2 more years of team control left.

    This isn’t a sexy trade, but could actually help both two contending teams better themselves without a prospect cost for either.

  3. jay monty

    MRJ: Gallo’s only upside is that he can’t get any worse. He’s so awful the Yankees would give him away if they could find a taker. I know you are a Yankee fan, but realistically nobody in baseball would make this trade. Gallo only puts the ball in play 60% of his PAs. His whiff rate is a staggering 40%. The Brewers are already one of the worst strikeout teams in MLB so the very last thing they need is one of the worst K guys in the game. He’s closer to a DFA candidate than actually helping somebody. Plus he would increase the Brewers payroll.

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