Juan Soto Is Untradeable

Any potential trade scenario involving the Nationals’ superstar is complicated, as Joshua Iversen explains.

Got a trade proposal?

Imagine you’re the GM of your favorite team. Who are you trading this summer? Use our popular trade simulator to figure out a fair deal.

This Trade in History: Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs

The 2016 deadline deal that sent an elite closer to a club seeking its first championship in 108 years was a landmark outlier. Was it worth the price the Cubs paid?

The BTV Podcast #53: June Risers and Fallers

Now that we’re past the one-third mark of the season, in this episode we run down the list of hitters and pitchers whose values rose or fell significantly.

How accurate are Jim Bowden's trade proposals?

The former GM is the only prominent national writer we know of who often proposes his own trades, or evaluates proposals from fans or local beat writers. How well have those trade ideas correlated to the market? We audited each proposal in articles published since August 2019, and tested them against both our model and the actual market returns.

Should the Red Sox Sell?

Boston is off to a terrible start this season, prompting speculation that they should plan to be sellers at the deadline, or even sooner. Does that strategy make sense? If so, which players will be on the block, and what might they return?

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Juan Soto is Untradeable

TradesPlayersWith the August 2nd trade deadline just over a month away, there are plenty of interesting players who might be changing teams. Frankie Montas and Luis Castillo lead the starting pitching market. The Oakland A’s could also move Sean...

The BTV Podcast, Episode 53: June Risers and … ???

TradesPlayers* Apologies for audio issues this episode, we will do our best to fix them for next time! * Welcome back to the Baseball Trade Values Podcast! In this episode, founder John Bitzer (@johnbitzer2) and Associate Editor Joshua Iversen...

This Trade in History: Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs

TradesPlayersThe 2016 deadline trade of Aroldis Chapman is considered by many to be one of the most lopsided overpays in history. But was it? In this latest installment of our series on historic trades, we explore what they might have looked like...

Should the Red Sox Sell?

TradesPlayersShould the Red Sox sell this summer? Many Sox fans here at BTV seem to think so – we’re seeing a plethora of proposals with rental players going out the door.  So let’s take a look at the situation, what those players might return, and...

The BTV Podcast, Episode 52: Early Updates

TradesPlayersWelcome back to the Baseball Trade Values Podcast! In this episode, founder John Bitzer (@johnbitzer2) and Associate Editor Joshua Iversen (@jive_mlb) break down some minor trade and transactions and the current state of the Robinson...

Help Wanted: Assistant Analyst

TradesPlayersWe’re hiring! BTV is looking for an Assistant Analyst. This is a paid position, in a part-time contract role, looking to start as soon as possible. Job responsibilities: *Update major-league player valuations: input data into models,...