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August 2, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Adam 30 Majors RHRP High 3.4 25.6 10.5 15.1 12 15.1 18.1
Beeks 28 Majors LHRP SP Low 2.4 9.9 5.3 4.6 3.6 4.6 5.5
Mejia 26 Majors C OF Medium 2.4 4.3 3 1.3 1.1 1.3 1.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
O'Hoppe Minors C 21 16.8 21 25.2
  1. M P

    O’Hoppe’s not a 2022 option at catcher. He’s still in AA. I doubt the Rays trade so much current ML talent for him.

    • Guillermo hernandez

      I figure with the Rays specifically trading for MLB ready bullpen arms Cleavinger and Jeremy Walker, plus Nick Anderson and Chargois returning likely this week, the Rays plan to move some RP off the MLB roster. They could sell low on Poche and Thompson, or sell high on others. I’m choosing to sell high, and hopefully add the catcher of the future.

      The Rays need to add for sure, but I’m okay selling high on guys who probably aren’t as good as they’ve played and guys with internal replacements. Adam, Beeks, Choi, Diaz all fit that bill. I expect at least 2 of them to be moved today. I’m not against moving Ras, Rozie, or Springs if the price is right, and they get back a MLB ready piece to immediately replace them. The Rays are basically tossups to make the playoffs. There’s no player that’s going to get them there, and there’s no player that’s going to keep them from getting there. Certainly not Adam or Beeks.

      • M P

        You’re talking about trading 2 of the Rays best relievers for guys who are likely going to struggle in their return (Anderson and Chargois) or be nothing but bottom of the well guys (Cleavinger and Walker). Adam and Beeks are an entirely different class of pitcher. Now, when Feyer is close to returning, I’d feel much differently. I like the idea of acquiring O’Hoppe, but I wouldn’t want the trade package to be 3 of the Rays better players in 2022. If the Rays are in sell-mode, then what’s the point of adding Peralta? Why the interest in Contreras? Maybe they trade Choi or Adam, but I can’t see them trading their starting C, Closer and best long reliever. We’ll soon see…

        • Guillermo hernandez

          In 2018, the Rays traded 2 of their better relievers in Adam Kolarek and Matt Andriese at the deadline. In 2019, the Rays traded one of their better relievers in Stanek at the deadline. There wasn’t really a lot of moves in MLB at the shortened 2020 deadline. In 2021, they traded one of their better reilievers in Diego Castillo, at the deadline.

          I’m going off their recent history of using their most volatile assets, relievers, to acquire future talent. They build up a reliever until he has considerable trade value, then move him at the deadline. Jason Adam was a 31 year old nothing until 4 months ago. Now he has enough value to headline a deal for a top 5 catching prospect that’s less than a year away from debuting. If I have to drive Jason Adam to Philly myself, I do it. Nick Anderson, Fairbanks, Chargois, all returned or returning. It’s a hit we can take.

          • M P

            Maybe… Except for Castillo, none of the other relievers were “top” relievers. Also, until 2019 the Rays were on the outside looking in with respect to the playoffs. Hard to compare then to now.

          • Guillermo hernandez

            Kolarek was worth .9 fWAR at the time of his trade. Stanek was worth 1 fWAR at the time of his trade. Diego castillo was worth .8 fWAR at the time of his trade. Like I said, the Rays trade their better relievers that they believe have peaked at the deadline. I predict Adam is gone today.

            When the Rays traded Kolarek (And Archer) on July 31st, 2018, they were 54-53. Today, they are 54-48. The 2022 Rays are 2.5 games better than the 2018 Rays. Adam is on the table. So is Beeks. Arozarena. Ras. Diaz. Choi. Their values have peaked, and will start a decline from here. Doesn’t mean any or all will be traded, but I’d bet on a couple of them.

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