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Padres & Nationals

August 2, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bell 29 Majors 1B Medium 0.4 9.4 3.7 5.7 4.6 5.7 6.9
Soto 23 Majors OF Very low 2.4 233.5 67.9 165.6 132.5 165.6 198.7


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Abrams 21 Majors SS OF Very low 5.4 54.4 7.3 47.1 37.6 47.1 56.5
Gore 23 Majors SP Low 5.4 38.5 8.9 29.6 23.7 29.6 35.5
Hassell Minors OF 38.7 31 38.7 46.4
Susana Minors RHP 2.5 2 2.5 3
Wood Minors 1B 25.6 20.5 25.6 30.7
Cash Minors 4
  1. John Bitzer

    UPDATED DEAL: Minor underpay by San Diego. This is more reasonable.

    We’ve removed Hosmer temporarily because he hasn’t approved the deal from his side (he has a no-trade clause that includes the Nationals). If he is included, the Padres will cover the $39M he’s owed from 2023-25. Since we had Hosmer at -35, that’s a net positive addition of $4M to their package.

    If he does not approve it, the deal will still go through without him, at which point the $4M net will be removed. Wouldn’t change the parameters of the deal substantially either way, from a value standpoint.

    Personally, I still think it’s surprising the Nats thought this offer was the best one, but at least it’s reasonable now.

    • pops litteral

      With 4 SP reaching free agency the next 1-2 years the window is open now for SDP.

  2. Bob Jones

    Good start for a Nationals rebuild imo. Hassell, Wood, and Abrams immediately jump into their top 5 prospects and Susana stands at 10 ( though very risky from what I’ve read)

  3. Guillermo hernandez

    I wish a couple of Josh Lowe, Brujan, Walls, Patino, McKay, and Greg Jones had panned out. There just weren’t enough teams that could afford to give up $150M in assets and actually get better. I don’t think the Rays were one of them after so many prospects failed to pan out.

    • M P

      Too early to call any of them busts though.

      • Guillermo hernandez

        Oh for sure. But too late to trade the high valued players you wanted them to replace. Or themselves might be moved. If one of Walls/Jones/Brujan was expected to be anywhere close to league average next year, one or all of BLowe/Mead/Paredes can be moved in a Soto deal. But you don’t move Lowe and others for Soto to be stuck with Brujan as your starting 2nd baseman. That’s not much of an upgrade, if any.

  4. David Easley

    Seeing the haul and considering that it’s still technically a fairly significant underpay, I can understand why everyone believed Soto was untradeable. It was pretty much ONLY him declining the extension that he got traded, there’s no way the Nats don’t ask for more if they had any better option.

  5. Dieffee Parlebois

    I’m guessing that no other team would give up so many good young prospects (& two MLB players). And the Nationals didn’t have to take Corbin!
    Padres’ pantry gonna be a bit bare for a while, tho.

    • Jon Adam

      by ‘mlb players’ i assume you’re being more than literal and implying that they are capable mlb players. gore, sure he’s put up production that you could live with from bottom of the mlb rotation, abrams, i think it’s a stretch to think of Abrams as a capable mlb player at this juncture and so i think of him as a prospect.

  6. Mark Cullen

    Good deal for both imo. Padres can’t sustain a long window in their market so they have to get their chips in. What else are the Nats going to do with 1.5 years of Soto? Sell some jerseys? They got what they could.

  7. John Bitzer

    Voit is now included in the deal to Washington. We had him at -0.5, so it’s not going to move any needles.

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