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Yankees & Cardinals & Marlins

August 3, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Lopez 26 Majors SP Medium 2.4 64.6 15.6 49 39.2 49 58.8


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Montgomery 29 Majors SP Medium 1.4 23.4 9 14.4 11.5 14.4 17.3


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bader 28 Majors OF Medium 1.4 20 6.4 13.5 10.8 13.5 16.3
Peraza Minors SS 22.8 18.2 22.8 27.2
Warren Minors RHP 4.6 3.7 4.6 5.5
Wells Minors C OF 8.3 6.6 8.3 10
  1. Max Harris

    I’ve been struggling to understand, from the Yankees point of view, the trade of Jordan “Gumby” Montgomery for Harrison “Tots” Bader.

    One scenario that I’ve come up with is this. It is a known known that Miami is desperate for an every day CF who can hit some, but field great. Hello Harrison Bader. It is a known known that Dylan Carlson has answered the timeless call, and say, “Put me in coach… I can be Centerfield.” And he’s better there than in right. I think it’s also clear to me that DC would have been the lead piece in a trade for Juan Soto, as he has the value and the years of control to make roughly half of Soto’s total excess value for the year and a half he has. Lastly, it was observed in a few stories before he got injured, that he wasn’t one of Oli Marmol’s favorites, having been benched for not running something out (or maybe he was actually hurting, and was removed for health… dunno). Any rate, Tots was excess, particularly looking at the future with Burleson on the way.

    It did not make sense for the Yankees to trade Gumby, as he was not excess, unless they are comfortable with Domingo (DV) German toeing the slab in the Boogie Down every fifth day. Additionally, Jameson “Jamo” Taillon has had a rough go of things in July and now August, walking more batters and getting hit a bit harder (though he only surrendered two hits last night, they both happened to leave the Yard with men he’d previously walked). Prior to the trade, the Rotation when healthy : Cole – Sevy – Montas – Cortes – Gumby – Taillon. So, that was six, Gumby is the more appealing trade bit because of the extra year, but they simultaneously put Severino on the 60 day IL (no one more surprised than Sevy), which means the current rotation is: Cole – Montas – Cortes – Taillon – German.

    Now, I suppose every fifth day might not matter after you’ve already banked 70 wins in 104 games. So, you can be fine coasting to the playoffs (I tend to disagree, because teams that fight to the end find themselves in better shape for the competitive games of the playoffs).

    Had this been the plan, to get Tots, and package him to Miami for Lopez, then it all makes sense, as the rotation would be Cole – Sevy – Montas – Lopez – Cortes, and for the moment, Cole – Montas – Lopez – Cortes – Taillon. That makes sense in a “This Battle Station is Fully Operational” type of manner. Which would be pure classic Yankees. It would also make sense to flip Bader and maybe a mid ranked prospect to San Fran for Carlos Rodon.

    Any rate, I dunno why this one is bothering me so much.

  2. Joe Random

    I think the trade is fair but I love Oswald Peraza as a prospect

    • Max Harris

      As do I, but, as Cashman said, “To get talent, you have to give talent.”
      Also, Volpe’s ceiling might make Peraza superfluous.

      You could switch out Pereira for Peraza in this trade and then but Warren up to maybe Trey Sweeney if you wanted to hold on to a Peraza. That said, Pereira is the highest value OF prospect Yankees have, outside of Dominguez, who is further away…

  3. Max Harris

    I guess I kinda get the whole thing now, without the third team and the pitcher. it’s complicated, but it makes sense.

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