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Brewers & White Sox

September 22, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Grandal 33 Majors C Low 1 8.1 18.3 -10.2 -12.2 -10.2 -8.1
Robert 24 Majors OF Very low 5 143.8 70 73.8 59.1 73.8 88.6

White Sox

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Frelick Minors OF 22.8 18.2 22.8 27.4
Houser 29 Majors SP RHRP Medium 2 16.4 12.1 4.3 3.4 4.3 5.1
Mitchell 23 Majors OF Medium 6.0 19.1 6.3 12.8 10.2 12.8 15.4
Taylor 28 Majors OF High 4 21.7 11.4 10.3 8.2 10.3 12.4
Turang Minors SS 12.9 10.3 12.9 15.5
  1. jay monty

    Zero chance the Brewers give away that much young talent for one year of a badly slumping Grandal and Robert. Plus there is no way with all their arby guys, that they can afford the extra $28M it would cost.

  2. M C

    If the Brewers can’t afford 1 year of Grandal at a dollar amount they already paid him in 2019 and Luis Robert then baseball is completely broken and the small market Brewers will never have a chance.

    They have $18 million from Cain, $8 million from McCutchen, and $8 million from Wong all potentially off the table.

  3. jay monty

    What the Brewers paid Grandal in 2019 is irrelevant. He might have been worth it in 2019, he isn’t now. The cost for Grandal, Robert, and Yelich would be over 40% of the Brewers’ entire payroll. In 2019 Yelich wasn’t making $26M and their arby costs were down. Now almost half the team is arbitration eligible (Burnes-Woodruff-Adames-Urias-Lauer-Williams-Hiura-Rogers-Bush-Renfroe-Houser and more). They had a record payroll in 2022 and attendance is down. You are right, baseball is broken with the monstrous disparities in payrolls.

  4. M C

    The point is that the Brewers have shown a willingness to make a 1 year deal at a high dollar amount before.

    Though Grandal had a poor year, last season may have been his best. He’s still capable and would be an improvement over Caratini and Narvaez.

    • Thomas Priestley

      He’s honestly not capable, he’s awful behind the plate, Sox pitchers hate throwing to him, he can’t field a ball on any play at the plate, he can barely move, his bat is pathetic, he should do the honorable thing and walk away from the final year of his deal, he’s flat out cooked.

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