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Braves & Mets

July 8, 2019


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Cespedes 33 Majors OF High 1.5 0.6 44.0 -43.4 -43.5 -43.5 -43.4
deGrom 31 Majors SP Very low 5.5 214 169.5 44.5 44.5 55.2 65.9
Szapucki Minors LHP 3.8 3 3.8 4.6
Cash 60


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Anderson Minors RHP 38.1 30.5 38.1 45.7
Camargo 25 Majors 3B 2B Medium 4.5 45.3 16.8 28.5 26.5 28.5 30.5
Wentz Minors LHP 7.2 5.8 7.2 8.6
  1. John Bitzer

    I’m sure the Mets would love to get rid of the Cespedes contract, but they also probably have insurance on it, which means they’d be less motivated to do this type of deal. The backlash from trading deGrom for anything less than a king’s ransom would also be severe — BVW would get run out of town, especially if they’re trading deGrom to a division rival. They’d have to include a bunch of cash and get back at least three top-tier prospects, like Riley, Pache and Anderson.

  2. Richard Kaelin

    Since Riley is far more valuable than deGrom by himself, that is not going to happen. Much deGrom value is absorbed by his enormous contract. At this point without cash, deGrom is worth one top prospect and boot. If the prospect is a pitcher, then a second midlevel pitching prospect, if a top position player like Pache, then a lower tier pitching prospect. If the Mets send cash in the transaction adjust from there. Anderson’s value went up with his Future’s game starting performance. The only thing that will save Brady is to get rid of two of the Cano/Cespedes/Vargas contracts. Mets are heavily burdened for the next four years with Cano. It was a critical error to obtain a relief pitcher. Now BVW mat pay the price and it will be deGrom or Syndergaard or McNeil or maybe he will get away with Conforto.

    • John Bitzer

      Right, which is why I mentioned that they’d need to include a bunch of cash to increase deGrom’s value. And I agree that the Mets need to clean house. They should have done so in the offseason, but they went the other direction instead and it backfired, making the fundamental problem even worse.

  3. Lance Hulsey

    I would see a multitude of possibly combinations for this Trade to go down honestly on Value and Prospects without getting too into the weeds. The Braves have several pieces in Majors and Minors that Mets could use and a combo of that with Money probably gets that done.

    I. Anderson – One of top pitching Prospects in Majors and could be a front-line starter for years to come with full control
    J.Wentz/B.Wilson/K.Allard – All 2nd tier Pitching prospects which will garner interest to add-ons to rotations
    Camargo – Super Utility which as seen last year should give you a 3-4 WAR value from SS/3rd and hit 20 HRs a year and play good defense plus have 4 more years of control I believe
    Inciarte – Odd man out in OF at the moment but Met’s have a real hole in CF with no true CF still gold glove CF average hitter for most part and still has like 4 years of very reasonable contract.
    Waters/Pache- 2 Top OF prospects who at this point are probably only a year or 2 out but would take considerable financial chip add-ons to get the Braves to fold on one of these guys. The Idea of Waters/Pache/Acuna OF in 2 years is just too enticing I bet.
    Duvall/Demeritte/Jennista – Duvall/Demeritte have had great years in Triple AAA and timeline for them is shorter to Majors. Demeritte/Jennista has all the control and still young upside that could be a solid corner OF options long-term if Braves work hard enough they get a package which includes one of these guys and not Pache and Waters.

    A deal of I.Anderson, J.Wentz, Demeritte with Inciarte/Camargo to Met’s Degrom, Cesepedes, a mid grade minor league piece plus about 40-50 Million sounds like a deal which allow Mets GM to get out of Majority of Money and get 2 Major league ready starters that improve their team and 3 minor league players that can greatly help them within a year or 2.

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