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Yankees & Guardians

July 10, 2019


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bauer 28 Majors SP Medium 1.5 63.0 26.0 37 35 39.2 43.3
Hand 29 Majors LHRP Medium 2.5 47.4 21.1 26.3 26.3 28.6 31
Hankins Minors RHP 4.8 3.8 4.8 5.8


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Andujar 24 Majors 3B Medium 4.5 46.4 8.7 37.7 35.7 37.7 39.7
Estrada Minors SS 2.2 1.8 2.2 2.6
Frazier 24 Majors OF Medium 4.5 24.2 4.8 19.4 17.4 19.4 21.4
Garcia Minors RHP 24 19.2 24 28.8
  1. Joshua Iversen

    Frazier and Garcia would be great additions for Cleveland, and obviously the Yankees would love to add Bauer and Hand. But I don’t think the Indians would be comfortable with Andujar as the headliner. Even before the injury, his defense was questionable at third base, and if he’s forced to move to first base his value would take a big hit. Cleveland is also still in the race, and unless they’re awful coming out of the break, I think they’re more likely to wait until the offseason to move Bauer/Hand.

    • Cris Belvin

      Andujar isn’t the headliner; Frazier/Garcia are. Du is a bit of a value-add to balance it out. His future is really up in the air. It would be gamble for any team to take him right now, and a gamble for the Yankees to trade him. The trade could be a total heist for Cleveland more than anything else. But I agree, no guarantee they’re trading right now.

      • Joshua Iversen

        I see him as the headliner because he’s providing the bulk of the value in this deal; without Andujar, the numbers are really far apart. I think it’s just as likely a heist for Cleveland as it is a disaster – Andujar and Frazier could hover around 1-1.5 WAR a year due to bad defense, and Garcia’s control could force him to the pen, while Bauer and Hand continue to be great in New York and Hankins turns into a big league piece. But we could both play this game all day. I think Andujar is a lot harder than the average player to trade right now, and as such, probably shouldn’t be critical to the value of a return for two stars.

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