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Braves & Marlins

January 21, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Chisholm 24 Majors SS 2B Low 4 100.5 41.8 58.7 47 58.7 70.5


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Anderson 25 Majors SP Very low 4 16.5 5.1 11.4 9.1 11.4 14.7
Elder 23 Majors SP Medium 6 28.9 13.6 15.3 12.2 15.3 18.4
Grissom 21 Majors 2B 3B Very low 6 72.5 41.8 30.8 24.6 30.8 37
  1. Mac Daddy

    I’m a Braves fan as well.

    Jazz Chisholm Jr. has proven himself to be a Major Leaguer. He’s been around a league average bat with good defense at a premium position. He’s also playing for a very low rate. I’d love to have him playing for the Braves right now but I wouldn’t do that at the cost of trading away Ian Anderson, Bryce Elder and Vaughn Grissom.

    Jazz and Vaughn could swap positions, that’d be ok by me, but parting with the two starting pitchers doesn’t make a lot of sense to me as a Braves fan. I much prefer to ride with Grissom and have that SP depth at the AAA level.

    Also, the Marlins aren’t at a spot where they need SP positional depth so I don’t see this trade as working out for them. If this is just a trade idea about how to upgrade at SS for the Braves, then that’s fine. There’s a projection that has Chisholm Jr. as being 1 WAR above Grissom. If It’s Soroka taking the 5th spot in the rotation for the Braves and the other SP’s are all healthy and awesome, then it’s Elder and Anderson as a taxi squad between Gwinnett and Atlanta. This trade would probably be great for them in 2023. Otherwise, I’m saying “no”, and that’s because I’m being conservative and also bullish on Grissom.

    I’m also going to say that if the Marlins thought Jazz should play SS, they’d have made that move. They didn’t. So I’m thinking that they know more than me, a just a keyboard warrior, and that maybe he’s not a good pick for SS. The Braves seem to think Grissom is a good pick for SS. I’m going with that.

    • stephen karp

      i agree that the marlins are unlikely to be interested if only due to the report that theyre looking to unload up to 4 of their sp. thats how much depth they have. this was just a a thought experiment i was doing for a reddit comment. that said, if the marlins offered this to the braves, they do it in a second, imo.

      anderson is a ? (though i believe he rebounds)
      elder has no/little track record and atl still has + pitchers in pipeline.
      grissom is the main piece theyre giving up.

      regardless of whether he plays at ss, or if ozzie slides to ss and he plays 2b, i would take (gladly take) reduced depth at aaa sp in order to add one of the most electric, potential laden atletes in the league. dudes 20-20 falling out of bed.

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