Guardians & Marlins




Guardians & Marlins

February 15, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Comp Balance Pick Minors 6 4.8 6 7.2
Scott 27 Majors LHRP Medium 2 11.3 7.1 4.2 3.4 4.2 5


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
DeLauter Minors OF 8.7 7 8.7 10.4
  1. Eli Kov

    Scott and the Pick for DeLauter would never happen.. The Guardians are not so desperate for bullpen help (the Marlins should be) nor are they inclined to acquire a reliever with so little control remaining.. This is the kind of deal that a team makes at the trading deadline & we’re not there..

    At this point.. the clubs are looking to “fill future gaps”..

    The Marlins could be looking past the 2023 season (2024/25, realistically) and see DeLauter (and the additional guy) as good gets for their 2024 mid season and onward outfield.

    The Guardians see the same guy…but the Guardians also see a bare cupboard when it comes to catching. Joe Mack would fill that voided cupboard by sometime in 2025 rather nicely.

    Because the values of Mack & DeLauter are unbalanced, an exchange of additional players.. Angel Martinez from the Guardians for Jake Eder from the Guardians..

    In summary..

    Marlins get DeLauter (8.7) & Angel Martinez (9.6) = 19.3

    Guardians get Jake Eder(5.9), Joe Mack (5.6) and the Marlins Comp A pick (6.0) = 17.5

    This is a prospect for prospect trade which is usually unheard of.. but, because none of these guys are going to matter for the 2023 or 2024(most likely) seasons, the imbalances of the clubs and their forward thinking general managers.. this is a deal that makes sense for that future timeframe.. Sure, it’s going to hurt some..but to get something of value you have to pay with something of value….


    and to the Eye Dee Ten Tee poster.. leave it alone..

    FYI.. Comp A picks of note in the last three drafts include Joe Mack, Justin Campbell and Drew Romo as examples..

    • Ty Archy

      I only post if I like or dislike something and this idea and yours I dislike… I’ll say no more.

  2. Big Bat

    Another ridiculous trade proposal from Cleveland’s perspective.

    If you’re creating a trade between the Guardians and the Marlins and neither Luzardo or Cabrera are not involved then you’re wasting your time and board space.

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