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Twins & Brewers

February 19, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Burnes 28 Majors SP Low 2 106.8 28.5 78.3 62.7 78.3 94
Tellez 28 Majors 1B Medium 2 14.4 12.4 2 1.6 2 2.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Miranda 25 Majors 1B 2B Low 6 41.2 14.8 26.4 21.1 26.4 31.6
Ober 27 Majors SP RHRP Medium 5 29.2 7.4 21.8 17.4 21.8 26.1
Prielipp Minors LHP 5.9 4.7 5.9 7.1
Thielbar 36 Minors LHRP Medium 2 19.4 6 13.4 10.7 13.4 16.1
Winder 25 Majors SP RHRP Low 6 9 0.7 8.3 6.7 8.3 10
Woods Richardson Minors RHP 5.4 4.3 5.4 6.5
  1. Aidan Donoviel

    MIN: The AL Central is basically the Guardians right now. But the Twins and White Sox can easily rediscover their playoff forms. The twins have a strong rotation already, but swapping some depth for a bona fide star puts them squarely in the division race and playoff conversation. They were willing to drop 160 million for Correa and his (possibly, maybe, who knows?) bum ankle, so I think they could easily resign Burnes. Tellez would add more pop and another fan favorite to the club, filling in for the departure of Miranda at first.

    MIL: Another Burnes mock trade. We all know the story now. Jose Miranda plays the corners and could be part of the foundation of the MIL lineup for years to come. Ober and Winder can easily be rotation mates or solid bullpen arms, and are both entering or in their primes. Thielbar provides a good lefty for a righty heavy bullpen. And lastly, SWR and Prielipp both have the potential to develop into #2-3 starters, with the floor of a #5 for SWR and somewhere around #4 starter as a floor for Prielipp, who I like more.

  2. Larry Krueger

    I think this is a good trade package for Burnes. I also believe Minnesota would have an extension package already set for Burnes and a high belief that he would sign, or the trade isn’t made.

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