White Sox & Braves




White Sox & Braves

May 12, 2023

White Sox

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Benitez Minors SS 1.8 1.4 1.8 2.2
Grissom 22 Majors 2B SS Low 5.8 51.7 31.5 20.2 16.2 20.2 24.2
Smith-Shawver Minors RHP 12.8 10.2 12.8 15.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Benintendi 28 Majors OF Low 4.8 43.8 70 -26.2 -31.4 -26.2 -21
Cease 27 Majors SP Low 2.8 94.3 32.8 61.5 49.2 61.5 73.8
Clevinger 32 Majors SP Medium 1.8 18 18.6 -0.7 -0.8 -0.7 -0.5
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  1. jacob morris

    So this trade was interesting for me to put together. I have not watched any White Sox baseball so I have no idea why Benintendi has such low trade value but here is my reasoning behind this trade. White Sox are awful, and this trade can only happen if the White Sox keep this trend. For the Braves the reasoning behind this trade is really simple. You trade for one of the best pitchers in baseball (who is a Georgia native) to sit at the top of the rotation. You get Mike who can fill in at the 5 spots of the rotation or long reliever role, while we wait for our starting rotation healthy. Lastly, Benintendi will be perfect for the Braves, we need a of who can get on base at a good rate. Now like I said previously the only way the Sox trade ceases is if they continue to suck till the trade deadline (even then still probably unlikely) White Sox do this trade because they get one of our top pitching prospects Smith- Shawver who currently has a 0 ERA and .85 whip in AA. And you get Grissom who has shown that he has the bat to be an elite hitter, but needs to work on his glove. but has a very promising future. Lastly, the braves take on the bad contract of benintendi.

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