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Guardians & Orioles

May 25, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Westburg Minors 2B SS 17.4 13.9 17.4 20.9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Civale 28 Majors SP Medium 2.8 31.9 12.6 19.3 15.5 19.3 23.2
  1. Dessicant Bay

    Civale and his 4.47 xERA and 5.7 K/9, fragile pitcher averaging 1war a season doesn’t worth 19 BTV. Unless rival GM never looks at statcast numbers, zero chance he will fetch a return like this. This has Plesac written all over it. I used to see Guardians fans claming how advanced statistics are nothing but BS and how durable Plesac is and see what happened a year later. Used to have inflated BTV due to classic ERA and once luck runs out get devalued like a free fall from a cliff.

    Guardians will have no suitors for awful statcast pitchers of Quantrill/Civale. GMs know Guardians will offload them at one third of its BTV value to make room for young and better stuff pitchers.

    If Guardians really wants to reinforce their lineup with true quality hitting prospect they either really get lucky to find suitor for Bieber w his diminished statcast numbers or have to sell one of their premium youngster pitchers.

    Guys like Civale/Quantrill will be lucky to get one 40FV hitter out of it in real world

    • Big Bat

      You’re wrong and watch what happens. You’re gonna mess your pants when you see what kind of return Civale and/or Quantrill garner. Great small sample by the way and I love how you guys maneuver through whatever “advanced statistics” you can find to support your case. Just so you know, GM’s don’t give a single shit about “statcast numbers”. They’ve already received calls for Quantrill, Civale and even a guy like Gaddis. Clearly these guys aren’t TOR starters or you’d have to give a lot more to get them.

      I guess if we’re using small samples, what is it about Civale’s 2.84 ERA and 2.49 FIP that isn’t worth a blocked prospect? It’s an overpay by Cleveland even if only slight.

      BTV’s value comes mostly from FG’s so your ERA statement is BS.

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