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Guardians & Orioles

May 25, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Cowser Minors OF 27.9 22.3 27.9 33.5
McDermott Minors RHP 1.5 1.2 1.5 1.8
Povich Minors LHP 4.6 3.7 4.6 5.5
Westburg Minors 2B SS 17.4 13.9 17.4 20.9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bieber 28 Majors SP Low 1.7 72.5 21.7 50.8 40.6 50.8 61
  1. Marc Guarino

    If Baltimore is serious about contending this year then this is their best option. This trade fits both teams. Baltimore lacks starting pitching but has a glut of position players. Cleveland has pitching, but lacks good young position players with any kind of power.

    Bieber is not the Bieber of 2020, but still a TOR starter, and likely game 1 starter in the playoffs. Bieber is probably the best starter that will be available for trade this year, and if I were the Cleveland FO I would be taking offers today. 2023 just isn’t happening.

    For Cleveland the fit isn’t perfect, Cowser hits LH, and LH pitching is Cleveland’s achilles, but he has hit lefties well this year (small sample). Westburg will take some creativity to give him the second base job (I would move Gimenez to short and then start making some damned trades!).

    Povich and McDermott add some organizational pitching depth/insurance.

    Cleveland needs to begin focusing on ‘24 and ‘25, and trading Bieber now (instead of in July) should be a priority.

    • Big Bat

      I agree that Baltimore should look into Bieber. It just makes too much sense for them to do so.

      I give this an upvote, but I would prefer to replace McDermott or Povich with Seth Johnson. I don’t know what his value is so I’ll have to look, but I’d like that deal better regardless.

      Yes, Bieber should be traded now if there is a good offer like this on the table.

      Westburg has been getting some reps in the OF and will transition there perfectly fine. In fact, he’s a good enough athlete that he could become a plus defender in a corner OF. So Cowser, Westburg, Johnson and one of McDermott or Povich sound good to you?

      • Marc Guarino

        Thanks for your comment. There are not many better fits. Baltimore clearly needs more starting pitching to stay in contention and their farm and MLB level is loaded with bats, but not arms. Your trade version works too.

        Obviously I want the offense here for Cleveland, but after Williams graduates the organization doesn’t have a lot of reliable quality starting pitching (unless Espino can ever get healthy), so it never hurts to grab a couple of potential guys.

        I’ve read other comments on this site, in other trades, that downgrade Bieber’s value. This site has dropped his value since the offseason, mostly due to the passage of time, but Bieber to me changes the whole landscape of a pennant race. He slots in as a #1 on most staffs (including Baltimore’s), and he is controlled until the end of ‘24. That has tremendous value, but it is worth it to acquire him and SHOULD be painful at the same time (losing coveted prospects).

        For a Cleveland fan it’s not fun seeing yet another Cy Young winner leave during his prime. The Cleveland FO, to me, has made a number of missteps lately. I worry they will hold Bieber until the deadline, which will further lower his value through time, potential poor performance, or injury. They should be on the phone today asking for offers. I bet there is plenty of interest.

        In digging into possible Bieber trades other good fit teams are St. Louis, LAD, and maybe Seattle, but Baltimore has 1) the best near MLB ready bats 2) a need for starting pitching (with little help at AAA), and 3) in contention, in a very competitive division. All that could be lacking is Baltimore’s desire to win this year. As I noted in another comment, you only have to look at the White Sox to see how quickly a contention window can close, so not being aggressive is a disservice to your fans.

        • Big Bat

          Thanks for the response. McKenzie will be our new ace next season with Bibee and Williams hot on his tail. Morris has started his rehab and will return soon. Allen has performed better than higher ranked LHP prospects. Espino’s surgery was minor and has a high rate of success. Cantillo is pitching lights out and was just promoted to Columbus. Many regard him as a better SP prospect than Allen. Hankins, who was their #1 SP prospect at one point has fully recovered from TJS and is back on the mound. He’s got his FB back up to 98 and he has good offspeed pitches as well. Look for him to move quickly once his control is regained(that’s always the last thing with TJS). When they deal Bieber I’m certain that a good SP prospect will be part of the return. They have Battenfield, Curry and Gaddis. All 3 have had moments of success this season. Curry has been nothing short of solid in his role. There’s enough SP that all of Bieber, Quantrill, Civale and Plesac can be dealt without removing this team’s chances in 2024 IMO. The return from dealing Bieber, Quantrill and Civale would be huge toward 2024 and beyond.

          The Orioles and the Dodgers seem like the best bets to land Bieber, but the Cardinals could make a competitive offer as well. Keep an eye on Texas as Bieber would give them a lethal 1-2 punch with DeGrom. There’s a large market for Bieber’s services and I don’t think his value is going to decrease between now and the deadline.

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