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September 11, 2019


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Edwards Minors 2B 17.4 13.9 17.4 20.9
Hedges 26 Majors C Low 3.3 47.3 14.3 33 23.6 28.3 33
Lucchesi 26 Majors SP Medium 4.2 53.5 25.8 27.7 22.4 27.7 33.1
Oliveras Minors OF 4 3.2 4 4.8


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Syndergaard 26 Majors SP High 2.3 99.4 25.5 73.9 71.9 77.9 83.9
  1. John Furlong

    I would think the Mets would want a higher profile prospect in a package for Thor. They would want quality rather the quantity package listed above.

    • King Taurus

      The Mets want guys that’ll be able to contribute sooner than later. Edwards is a guy that can quickly go through their system with his advanced discipline, speed and being an overall above average type switch hitter. I project Edwards to be a top 40 prospect within the next year. Alternatively, a guy like Trammell could be the crown jewel in such a trade. The Mets would want a SP back, and I find Lucchesi to be an underrated LHP talent. Hedges is one of, if not, the best defensive C in the game. Any contender would and should love to have him, possessing 55 DRS the last 3 seasons. He leads the league this yr in FRAA_ADJ. Oliveras is the “lottery ticket” in this proposal, but he also serves as a plus as needed OF depth in the Mets farm system.

  2. John Furlong

    I still see your trade as accepting 4 quarters for a dollar. I would rather have the dollar. In trading Thor, the Mets need a good return back. If I were a Met fan, I would not be excited with Lucchesi who is nothing more than a backend #4 or 5 starter.

    • King Taurus

      If Lucchesi is nothing more than a backend starter in your eyes, what does that make Syndergaard when they’ve been similar in WHIP, ERA+, SO/9 and WAR this season? This would be seen as a good return as a whole if they managed to weave a few other trades to fulfill other needs, such as upgrading their defense. The team is currently 28th in the league in DRS with -78.

  3. John Furlong

    The difference is Thor has shown more upside than Lucchesi has. I agree that Thor needs a change of scenery. Perhaps a better organization can get more of what Thor has out of him. I am not a Mets fan, but I think the upside of Thor can get a better package than the one that you proposed. I would rather have one of the top Padres pitching prospects in a deal.

  4. Lincoln DD

    I’ll just say, I think this site overrates Hedges. I don’t think he’s a key piece in any deal that lands a significant player.

    I also don’t know that Edwards makes a ton of sense for the Mets. The farm is weak, but they are strong up the middle (Gimenez, Mauricio, Newton), and have no short-term fit on the major league roster, either, with Rosario and Cano. Does he profile as a guy who can move to the outfield?

    I think Wheeler is kind of an x-factor here. If the Mets can re-sign him, then Lucchesi would be a great fit to fill out the rotation. But if Wheeler bolts, given the weak farm and a tight payroll, I think they have to use a potential Syndergaard deal to get another upside starter in return because they don’t have the assets to otherwise trade for one or outbid others in what’s going to be a pretty crazy FA market. deGrom-Stroman-Matz-Lucchisi-? isn’t a rotation a wannabe contender should be rolling out there, especially where they currently are.

    If the Mets do re-sign Wheeler, would Trammell/Lucchesi/Baez work for Padres fans? deGrom-Wheeler-Stroman-Matz-Lucchesi is solid, and Baez would really help the bullpen. Trammell would inject some much-needed talent into the farm, though I know there’s some concern about whether or not he’s a long-term CF, and CF is a hole the Mets really need to fill. I personally like Campusano a lot more, but Trammell’s value currently fits better here in the simulator.

    Otherwise, I think a three-team deal that lands the Mets another starter (Kluber? Minor? Boyd?) makes more sense.

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