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Blue Jays & Padres

October 28, 2019

Blue Jays

Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Lauer 24 Majors SP Medium 4.0 48.5 23.1 25.4 20.6 25.4 30.3
Lawson Minors RHP 4.4 3.5 4.4 5.3
Morejon Minors LHP 23.8 19.2 23.8 28.4
Myers 28 Majors OF High 3.0 -0.3 68.5 -68.8 -68.8 -68.5 -68.5
Naylor 22 Majors OF 1B Low 6.0 24.5 6.0 18.5 16.5 18.5 20.5
Quantrill 24 Majors SP Medium 6.0 21.4 7.4 14 11.9 14 16.1


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Gurriel Jr. 25 Majors OF 2B Low 5.0 38.2 20.9 17.3 13.4 17.3 21.1
  1. Justin Wile

    No shot of moving Myers for someone good even with all the other players.

      • It will cost them dearly with money and prospects without getting anything of value in return. Guirrel Jr. is too much to expect back when you are expecting teams to take on his whole contract.

        • John Bitzer

          I disagree. I think this is a very fair deal for both sides. Toronto desperately needs pitching — and here they get Lauer, Morejon and Quantrill. Plus a 1B prospect to replace Smoak. And they don’t give up much to get all that — just Gurriel, Jr. and money, to pay Myers’ salary.

          San Diego clears the money and the roster spot, gets a younger OF to replace Myers, and still holds on to their top pitching prospects because they traded from abundance.

          • Jakob Malloch

            Only way this trade gets done is if the Padres were to include Patino (no chance at Gore) in some sort of deal. Blue Jays dont need guys with mid-rotation potential or back-end potential, they need guys in the system who have front of the line stuff, and that guy is Patino (again, no chance they get Gore)

  2. Aaron Cruz

    My trade proposal was intended to highlight a possible fit. This fits both teams needs, but my idea still needs some tweaking in terms of prospects involved along with cash going to Toronto.

    Gurriel jr. would fill a hole for the Padres as well and they would be able to clear money in the process.

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