Yankees & Padres




Yankees & Padres

November 27, 2019


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Lucchesi 26 Majors SP Medium 4.0 66.7 28.8 37.9 31.2 37.9 44.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Florial Minors OF 9.7 7.8 9.7 11.6
Frazier 24 Majors OF Medium 4.0 23.5 4.5 19 16.7 19 21.4
Loaisiga 24 Majors RHRP SP Medium 5.0 11.5 5.1 6.4 4.4 6.4 8.4
Wade 24 Majors UTIL High 4.0 7.3 4.5 2.8 2.1 2.8 3.5
  1. John Bitzer

    I don’t get this one from the Padres’ perspective. Don’t they need to retain their better pitchers? And consolidate their prospects into major-leaguers, not the other way around?

    • Aaron Cruz

      In this trade scenario the Padres would be acquiring two starting pitchers and trading Joey Fuego in order to fill in other holes. Frazier would fill the role needed for a left handed bat in a righty heavy lineup at a cheaper price and likewise Florial in center. Loasiga and Wade would be additions to the bullpen and utility role respectively.

      • Will M

        The Padres have better bullpen prospects than Loasigia, and better outfield prospects than Florial, who continues to struggle in A-ball. Clint Frazier has only batted right-handed so far in his career, so he might not offer production from the left side that you want. And Tyler Wade really doesn’t bring anything the Padres can’t find internally or at least not give up one of their better SPs to acquire

  2. Nate Dub

    If I’m giving up Lucchesi, I also want players that offer me more promise.

    The Yankees have done a remarkable job at destroying Frazier’s value by not playing him. They had chance after chance last season.

    Tyler Wade is basically a poor man’s Greg Garcia, who the Padres already have.

    Florial is littered with question marks, mostly regarding whether he can hit. He didn’t hit very well in high-A ball.

    Loaisiga is okay, but he’s realistically a reliever going forward.

    I don’t see why it makes sense at all for San Diego.

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