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Yankees & Rangers

December 2, 2019


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Leclerc 25 Majors RHRP Medium 5.0 62.1 24.0 38.1 31.9 38.1 44.3


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Andujar 24 Majors 3B Medium 4.0 34.9 7.7 27.2 23.7 27.2 30.7
Loaisiga 24 Majors RHRP SP Medium 5.0 11.5 5.1 6.4 4.4 6.4 8.4
Montgomery 26 Majors SP RP Medium 4.0 15.6 10.3 5.3 3.3 5.3 7.3
  1. Nate Dub

    Rangers are reportedly “intrigued” by the idea of acquiring Andujar. This trade gives New York five years of a solid late-inning RP. It costs them in some depth for SP/RP in Texas, plus Andujar.

  2. Karl Ozolins

    This right here is a prime example of how overvalued one player is Leclarc and undervalued Montgomery and Losaiga are.
    Losaiga is a similar pitcher. with cheaper control for the same amount of time.
    While Montgomery who did have Tommy John but has 4 years of control and was the best rookie pitcher in baseball his rookie year.
    Not sure why they’d trade Montgomery while he has a good chance of being their or 5th starter*SP being their biggest need*

    Leclarc coming off his worst year by far so much so the Rangers stopped using him as a closer.
    yes he still has a nice K rate yada yada yada.

    Everyone keeps packaging Andujar with another player. Sure if it’s worth it but not for a bullpen piece. Chad Green isn’t much worse. He has 3 years of control. good K rate, less walks per 9. He was one of the best bullpen arms in baseball with top 5 spin rate on his FB.

    The disrespect Yankee prospects get on here is unbelievable.
    they could be a teenager at AAA but heck he still sucks because he had bad numbers. Most other players would get the consideration he’s young and adjusting to the level but he must suck because a few innings is the end of all say all of their existence

    • Nate Dub

      Welp. Looks like I angered the Yankees fan. Sorry to disrespect the almighty empire. I’ll take note of this next time and repent of my baseball sins.

      • Nate Dub

        Next time, I’ll make sure that the Yankees get good young talent, tons of international spending money, about 20M in cash, and conveniently, it’ll only cost them the amazing Tyler Wade.

    • Nate Dub

      Yankee bashing aside: I put this trade up because there was a report that Andujar was of interest to Texas. So I thought, what would it take?

      I don’t think Yankees fans will like what a trade involving Andujar looks like. He’s a bat-only 3B who’s coming off a really bad season worth of injuries.

      So he’s a defensive liability who has missed an entire season of improvement on that front, not to mention, who knows how the shoulder injury will affect his offense. Outside of him wearing pinstripes, I’m not sure I’m seeing why everyone views him so highly.

      In just 49 plate appearances, his WAR was -1.0. That’s pretty awful. Of all the players with less than 100 plate appearances, only Daniel Palka (-1.3) was worse.

      So exactly what is his value in 2020? It’s significantly diminished from his 2018 value, that’s all we know. The more I think about it, a back end bullpen piece might be too much for Andujar right now.

      • Karl Ozolins

        I get it, it’ll cost more than I’d like but It works both ways
        A good trade usually hurts both teams
        That being said Rangers are interested in Andujar, 3b their biggest need.
        I get Andujar’s value is down but the Yanks don’t have to trade him.
        Rangers of course have options Donaldson, Rendon but that’ll cost a ton and could limit possible better options for pitching this year.

        Bryant could be considered in a trade and if I was a cubs fan I’m not sure Leclarc that’d be enough either.
        They do need bullpen help more than the Yankees do but I also think that they’d want a pitcher who their is less of a gamble on considering recent history.

        In a trade for Andujar I don’t expect the world but I would expect it to be a fair trade.
        This is a wonderful site but all evaluations are not necessary 100%.
        For example the recent Urias trade.

        Yes Preller probably isn’t the best example of a GM to make good trades but it was enough so that his current value trade to about 40 % to what it was before.

        Bullpen arms value on here is one of the hardest to deem accurate. I know ERA isn’t an accurate indicator but it has to count for something, also dropping from the closer role after being given an extension isn’t exactly a confidence builder
        I am passionate about my team and perhaps sometimes I voice my opinion to vehemently.
        I admit I am biased but being 2nd in rookie of the year counts for a ton, holding a players time when he is hurt against him and using it as an accurate portrayal of his talent isn’t everything. If it was the Rangers wouldn’t be interested.

    • John Bitzer

      To be clear, we have no intention of disrespecting Yankee prospects here. The model is neutral. Our sources are the publicly available reports from the professionals who rate prospects for a living, and have been doing it a while. We’re just translating their ratings into valuations, based on established models.

      Most people, in fact, think they opposite: we’ve noticed a general perception that Yankee prospects tend to be rated higher than those of other teams.

      I think the truth is that the Yankees are a very well-run organization, and they clearly have a strong, sustainable approach that gives them a continuous stream of young talent, particularly from Latin America. At the moment, the high end of their farm is not as strong as the middle and lower tiers, but some of those lower-tier guys are going to blossom into higher-tier guys in time; their level of talent will not have changed, but their probability of becoming major-leaguers will have increased, and that will be reflected in the numbers.

      • Karl Ozolins

        I didn’t necessarily mean the values given to the Yankees prospects here I meant more to the trades in which fans from other teams try and get in return for our prospects. I get that people will always prospect hug and always think more of their players but it’s just extremely funny how you’re attempting to trade for said player and you’re only willing to give up fodder practically.

        • Nate Dub

          To be fair, if anyone is way off on values, it’s most likely you (and other Yankee fans). They still think that they can get a front-end starter using Andujar alone, or worse, Frazier alone.

          At some point, Yankee fans have to realize that their beloved young talent, at least those not starting on the major league team, aren’t the young darling players every team is begging to have. And that to get anything of real positive value, they’ll likely have to bundle some prospects together, or they’ll have to deal from their MLB Roster.

          I’m not sure what you think the Yankees can get for these young players, but I’m guessing you’ll describe the return as “fodder”.

  3. Nate Dub

    Urias’ value was exceptionally low, as evidenced by the trade return for him (plus the fact they had to include Lauer). Andujar’s value is quite a bit worse at this point. To be honest, I’m not sure Andujar brings back that much. And his numbers when he was hurt is obviously not a fair comparison, but it’s what we have. And it’s a point to say, his value going forward is a complete unknown.

    As far as Leclerc, I’m not huge on his value, to be honest. Which probably shows the value I place on Andujar. But Leclerc would be a better, cheaper option than nearly any FA on the open market right now. He’d also be quite a bit cheaper, as far as trade pieces are concerned, in relation to other RPs.

    It’s also important to reiterate regarding Andujar: the guy is a serious defensive liability. His 2018 season was atrocious. His -26 DRS at 3B was the third worst that’s ever been recorded in a single season. Only Nicholas Castellanos and Ryan Braun were ever worse, and neither of them stuck at 3B in the long term.

    The truth is, I’d bet the Rangers only are interested in Andujar because they know his value is way low right now, and perhaps they can entice the Yankees to just move along and take something (in this case, a pretty good RP). I’m not sure what you think Andujar would command, but it’s going to be massively disappointing.

    • Nathan Thompson

      I’m not sure the Urías point is accurate. FG had him as a 55 before he lost prospect status and in a recent chat Longenhagen (or Kiley) said they had bumped Grisham up to a 50 FV due to his breakout. But the 2019 FG Update (which BTV almost certainly used as a reference source) doesn’t reflect this change.

      This would, in part, help explain the value discrepancy.

      Another part is of the discrepancy is Preller. He just traded a living, breathing LHH Catcher for an obvious non-tender candidate in Profar. I’m not saying this site is perfect (a PTBNL placeholder would be nice) but it can’t anticipate GM desperation.

      • Nate Dub

        All my point about Urias was that Preller pretty well showed how he saw Urias: enough to take on an OF he didn’t need, take on a deficit at middle infield AND add in 6 years of a controllable starter, just to get rid of Urias.

        Typically, you don’t put yourself in a hole if you think the player you’re trading is elite.

        I think a trade for Andujar would look a lot similar to that. It’ll bring the Yankees someone with some decent upside, but it won’t be a household name, nor will they be an obvious slam dunk.

        With all this, I’m not sure why the Yankees would consider trading Andujar right now. His value is a complete unknown and teams won’t give up elite talent for him.

  4. Matt Wallach

    If the Yanks want a reliever, they’re better off going for a year of Giles or buying low on Treinen than giving up Andujar (and others) for Leclerc. If I’m going to trade Andujar to Texas, I would want to try and package him for Lance Lynn or Mike Minor.

    • Nate Dub

      They very well might. But the point of this trade, as was stated in the first comment, was to find a trade that would send Andujar to Texas, who reportedly want Andujar.

      I honestly think I have Texas getting too little in return.

      • Karl Ozolins

        I’m sorry I can’t agree. Texas will not get a better 3rd baseman* may i use that loosely* in a trade for Leclarc.
        The only exception would be Bryant which I thoroughly believe would not be enough for.
        You can state said value but even though it is a need for the Cubs you are leaving a big hole to fill at 3rd.

        • Nate Dub

          Let’s boil it down to this: you view your Yankee prospects far too highly (typical Yankee fan), and don’t view Leclerc highly enough.

          The Yankees young players, aside from a few of the top guys (Torres, Judge, Severino, Sanchez) aren’t what everyone thought they were.

          • Steven Turk

            The Yankees view their prospects too high? Are you serious? They turned Gio Urshela (who was a great defensive third basemen before coming to NY) into a hitting machine, turned no name Mike Tauchman into a solid hitter. There has never been any doubt Clint Frazier can play, he has just been last man in the depth chart. Greg Bird when he was on the field and hitting was a dangerous left handed bat in Yankee Stadium. Its not that the Yankees dont value Leclerc high enough, its that they have the same valuation for the players in their system.

          • Nate Dub

            Urshela and Tauchman weren’t prospects. Both are in their late 20s and neither was in the Yankees system prior to 2019. They were reclamation projects that panned out. Good for them.

            They gave several other options playing time over Frazier: Tauchman, Maybin, even Tyler Wade got starts over him.

            If Frazier is this can’t miss prospect (as he’s been touted by Yankee fans for several seasons now), why aren’t the Yankees playing him? You don’t bring in other OF when you have Frazier if he’s that good.

            And Greg Bird was so good the Yankees literally cut him for nothing. He wasn’t even worth waiting for the injuries to subside. But you know, he’s so valuable.

            Your mentioning of Greg Bird is half of why I made that comment. It’s so laughable that the Yankees think every guy who suits up in pinstripes has this insane value. They don’t, and most teams aren’t buying it.

  5. Steven Turk

    I think Yankees can get Leclerc, for Andujar and Yankees will have to throw in some international pool money to balance it out. But the Yankees know the value of their players, that’s why these guys have not been traded (also injuries).

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