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March 25, 2020


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Boyd 28 Majors SP Medium 3.0 67.6 25.2 42.4 35.7 42.4 49.2


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Baty Minors 3B 18 14.4 18 21.6
Gimenez Minors SS 18.4 14.7 18.4 22.1
Ramirez Minors OF 4.5 3.6 4.5 5.4
Szapucki Minors LHP 5.4 4.3 5.4 6.5
  1. Kenneth R.

    There is no way the Mets would give up 2 of our top 10 prospects for an average pitcher with a good K/9. Its just to pricey.

    • John Bitzer

      Curious to see what Tigers fans think of this one. The Yankees, Red Sox, Mets and Angels are desperate for quality starting pitching, so it’s turned into quite a seller’s market for Avila.

    • Sean Ricky-Bobby

      Strong disagree, Boyd is most certainly at worst an above average pitcher and better then the Mets current #2 in Stroman. Boyd is continuing to develop/adjust his arsenal and a move to the NL with a positive park effect for HR paired with a potentially less homer happy ball could mean a break out as a legit frontline starter. Look at xFIP, which is the most predictive of future success, of which Boyd sported a 3.88 and thats in the AL and with the happy fun ball as an already homer prone pitcher. Boyd’s ceiling is tremendous and he has 3 years of control he will fetch the Tigers a mint.

      Top 10 lists per team are super arbitrary giving up a 50FV and a 45+FV in Gimenez and Beaty to headline a package for the top SP available on the block is nothing considering Boyd’s level of control. Ronny Mauricio is worth as much as the pair for a reason would you rather it was Mauricio, Szapucki and Ramierz so that its only 1 top ten prospect? I wager the Tigers are the less likely of the two teams to be interested in the Gimenez/Baty style package and would prefer Ronny.

      • Tony Evers

        But in the case of xFIP all fly balls are created equally. That stat means that if his HR/FB% was league average (10.5% instead of 18.2%) that his expected ERA would have been 3.88. He’s a decent pitcher to bet on, but it’s not that much different than a prospect at this point. Nobody would be happy with trading for him at his price tag if he doesn’t improve upon previous years.

        • Sean Ricky-Bobby

          Meh I’d argue he is a very valuable pitcher even if he repeats from a skills standpoint and the ball is slightly de-juiced. If he breaks out his ask will be exorbitant.

  2. Matt Rowland

    Agreed, any trade between Tigers and the Mets for Boyd would have to be centered around Mauricio in return for the Tigers to be interested. Given the four teams listed as desperate for starting pitching I would think the Tigers preference would be to deal with the Angels with Marsh as the centerpiece of a return. Or, maybe not and that’s just my preference as a Tiger’s fan.

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