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April 21, 2020


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Carlson Minors OF 67.3 53.8 67.3 80.8
Flaherty 23 Majors SP Low 4.0 183.6 50.5 133.1 131.1 141.2 151.4
Stanton 29 Majors OF Very low 8.0 53.8 214.0 -160.2 -162.2 -158.5 -154.5


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Dominguez Minors OF 30.5 24.4 30.5 36.6
Kahnle 29 Majors RHRP Medium 2.0 18.9 6.6 12.3 8.6 12.3 16
Severino 25 Majors SP Low 4.0 84.6 46.3 38.3 29.8 38.3 46.8
Torres 22 Majors SS 2B Very low 5.0 161.4 49.0 112.4 110.4 119.5 128.6
Wilson Minors 2B 8.5 6.8 8.5 10.2


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Ramos Minors OF 31 24.8 31 37.2
Toribio Minors 3B 11.2 9 11.2 13.4
  1. matthew knauer

    I think a trade like this will be happening sometime soon. The Cardinals definitely want to get rid of Jack Flaherty because he is getting up there in age, and the same goes for Gleyber Torres. Dylan Carlson is just a throw in to this trade, he is not really a top prospect.

    • Will M

      Absolutely. But I think the Yankees are passing up a chance to unload Deivi Garcia here

    • heffner hugh

      Yeah the yankees are just casually going to decide to get rid one of their best players in Gleyber Torres. The yankees aren’t just gonna decide that winning isn’t there thing anymore. Dylan Carlson is far from a throw in in fact Baseball America has gim as the 10th best prospect in baseball and has him as the 17th best prospect, far from a “throw in”. Gleyber Torres is 23 and Jack Flaherty is 24 in case you didn’t know that isn’t getting up there in age. Also by your logic if cardinals wouldnt want Flaherty because he is getting up there in age thene why would they tarde for severino. Severino will be 27 the next time he pitches, I mean if you think flaherty is up there in age there than severino is probably on the cusp of retiremnet as he approaches his late 20’s (gasp) when pitching becomes next to impossble. Severino would probably not play a game with the cardinals, he is approaching his golden years and would likely spend his time being “up there in age” in the a retirement home in Tampa where the yankees spring training home is located. Just using your own logic agains you, buddy.

      • Riley Bohrer

        I deeply agree with you. People should not say things about prospects they don’t know anything about. Actually research players if you are going to comment.

  2. heffner hugh

    Maknauer, i looked at your previous trades, and it seems every trade you put on this website you intentionally do a bad job. Stop trying to be funny.

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