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Mariners & Brewers

November 10, 2020


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Hader 26 Majors LHRP Very low 3.0 31.1 17.0 14.1 12.7 15.5 18.3
Urias 23 Majors SS 2B Low 4.0 32.3 10.7 21.6 17.3 21.6 25.9
Williams 25 Majors RHRP Low 5.0 59.5 31.7 27.8 22.2 27.8 33.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Crawford 25 Majors SS Low 3.0 46.6 14.4 32.2 25.8 32.2 38.6
Haniger 29 Majors OF Low 2.0 31.8 9.0 22.8 18.2 22.8 27.4
Seager 32 Majors 3B High 2.0 26.9 33.0 -6.1 -6.7 -5.5 -4.3
Cash 15
  1. Kurt Eger

    They already wanted to trade Hader because he’s going into arbitration, Urias is a weaker player than Crawford, albeit with more upside. The problem is the Mariners are entering their competitive era, while the Brewers are exiting theirs. Dumping Braun saved them money. But trading an under-performing middle infield prospect for the reigning AL GG winner at SS is big. The Brewers would be trading a max of 2-2.5 WAR/season relievers and a guy coming off a season with a negative WAR (Urias) for 3 guys that have 3-5 WAR potential each. Seager costs nothing because Seattle is paying his contract, Crawford costs nothing because he is pre-arb, Haniger costs $3M for 1st time arb. player. They will essentially be trading 6 WAR for 12 WAR, getting high character players and saving a couple million in salary, while filling their biggest holes in their lineup, not to mention Yelich, Haniger, Seager is a solid middle of the lineup.

  2. jack monty

    The Brewers would be losing two of the top relievers in baseball plus a high upside player and getting not anything close in return. Crawford is a SS who isn’t much better than what Urias can be. Haniger is a severe injury risk who may never be what he was and is too much of a risk in a major trade. Seager is an aging veteran who is on the down side of his career. Brewers say a resounding “No thanks.”

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