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January 27, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Garrett 29 Majors LHRP Low 3.0 13.7 7.5 6.2 5 6.2 7.4
Greene Minors RHP 11.8 9.4 11.8 14.2
Haniger 30 Majors OF Low 2.0 27.1 9.0 18.1 14.5 18.1 21.7
Cash 20


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Espinoza Minors RHP 1.1 0.8 1.1 1.4
Fox Minors LHP 0.7 0.5 0.7 0.9
Murphy 30 Majors C High 3.0 13.1 4.2 8.9 7.1 8.9 10.6
Sheffield 25 Majors SP Low 4.0 44.5 21.8 22.7 18.2 22.7 27.2


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Abrams Minors SS OF 68.3 54.6 68.3 82
Barnhart 30 Majors C Medium 2.0 7.1 4.7 2.4 1.9 2.4 2.9
Castillo 25 Majors LHRP Medium 4.0 8.8 4.5 4.3 3.5 4.3 5.2
Lodolo Minors LHP 11.7 9.4 11.7 14
Myers 30 Majors OF High 2.0 24.0 41.0 -17 -20.4 -17 -13.6
  1. Kurt Eger

    This makes a ton of sense. The Mariners have a super small payroll amd can afford Myers, who the Padres may feel they are selling high on.

    The Padres are trading Abrams a big piece, but someone blocked, an expensive OF in Wil Myers, a middle reliever (with upside, but 3rd to 5th best on the Padres) Castillo, and a couple of interesting arms who look like lottery tickets in Fox and Espinosa. The return is a top pitching prospect (Hunter Greene), a stud OF who is in his prime and looking totally rehabed (Haniger), a stud late inning lefty (Amir Garrett) with three more years of control, who is also in his prime, along with the $46M in salary space and the $20M taken on by the Mariners.

    The Mariners add two solid prospects in Abrams and Lodolo, while also adding balance to the bullpen with a young lefty in Castillo. They are taking on salary of $4M from Banhart and $23M/season from Myers, while also sending $20M to San Diego, making their total hit equal to $70M. Torrens righty stick and Barnhart’s better performace as a lefty should provide stability for the young staff and better platooning than Murphy and Torrens until Raleigh is ready to get promoted. Plus Barnhart is easier to move or release when Raleigh is ready.

    The Reds benefit from Sheffield being major league tested as opposed to the other two pitchers (Lodolo and Greene) that are still trying to prove themselves. While Reds fans may wince, realiz ethere are two lottery tickets coming back, while they get more control years and less cost right now.

    With what the Padres have spent recently they need a salary dump, the Reds need to replace Bauer and cut salary corners, this does that without throwing away the whole farm.

  2. Riley Withers

    Mariners are apparently handcuffing themselves as far as spending and salary goes this season so doubt they’d take on 70 million right now

    • Kurt Eger

      They are handcuffing themselves, but Myers becomes a tradeable piece like Santana a couple seasons ago. They can use Myers for the 1st month to prevent burning a year of eligibility on Kelenic. Plus it’s not $70M, they want to wait until next season to spend, but if they could add a premium prospect and take the hit this year to save next year, it would make sense.

      They would be taking on about $40M extra this year. That is if they don’t flip Myers and half of what they owe him over the next couple years. Eating $20M and sending him to Cleveland could get them Rosario (SS) and Mercado (CF) for Myers and LHP Margevicius (CLE native). This is just one example of cutting cost. The Indians would then be adding a flexible middle-of-the-order bat for about $25M/2 years which is a solid deal. They also get a solid pitcher who can start or relieve as a LHP who can get out righties.

      This type of trade and flip would cost the Mariners $30M more this year, leaving the team salary way below $100M. Next year they would only owe $10M to Myers (2022). They then could flip Crawford for more prospects once players start getting injured or struggling. While Rosario would be a satisfactory SS until Abrams is ready, he would easily be moved to the keystone (2B) or traded when C.J. was ready.

  3. Keith Henry

    Don’t think the Mariners want to create holes at RF, SP, and C for the opportunity to go backward in their plan to compete. Sure Abrams would be great, but does he bump Crawford (gold glove) or move to 2nd where he might not be happy? No, I don’t think the M’s do this…nice effort though.

  4. Kurt Eger

    Depends on how you look at it, or do they want to gamble what little trade value these guys have on them coming back after not playing since 2019 or 2018 in the case of Haniger? Also, Barnhart is a better hitter from the left side and with Torrens, they have a great catching platoon until Raleigh is ready, who also like Barnhart is a much better hitter from the left side of the plate. As for Sheffield, he is coming off a great season which could help the Mariners sell high on him as success is not guaranteed. More importantly, they have about 5-6 starters who can be put in the rotation immediately (Kikuchi, Gonzales, Dunn, Margevicius, Newsome, Graveman, and then there are the young guys like Gilbert, Hancock, Kirby, Murfee, Carlson, Campbell, Then, and with this trade you could also add in Lodolo).

    Margevicius, who as I eluded to above, could be traded after a month to CLE as part of a Myers dump, which would allow Gilbert to take his spot in the rotation, while assuring he doesn’t gain a year of service in 2021. Barnhart could be flipped to a team that loses a catcher to injury or whose starter is struggling. The only guys who would be long term assets to the Mariners would be Abrams, Lodolo, and Castillo. The others would be solid placeholders until their minor league counterparts are ready for promotion. Pitching is so expensive that I could see the Mariners spending the needed money and taking the hit on MLB talent for a month to secure more long term assets that will keep the payroll down going forward.

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