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Yankees & Royals

February 20, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bowlan Minors RHP 4.1 3.3 4.1 4.9


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Tauchman 30 Majors OF Medium 4.0 6.8 2.6 4.2 3.4 4.2 5
  1. bill neftleberg

    I thinK this is a fair trade for both teams, While Bowlan hasnt made the Major leagues he was a 2nd round selection who has held his own while while learning the professional game, Tauchman has excelled in jis limited Time with the Yankees handling all three outfield positions equally well, while showing surprising pop while doing so. With Alex Gordons retirement, I believe Tauchman could step right in and rep;ace Gordon and not miss a beat. While it is true you never now with young pitchers,and Bowlan is an unknown you can never have too much pitching, so I see this as worthwhile for both teams

  2. DB A

    Thanks for the comments. Your thoughts largely echo mine.

    Tauchman is a credible starting OF for the Royals – an upgrade to Michael Taylor and/or allows them to move Lopez to the bench when Merrifield is at 2B. And he fits the KC budget (~$600K this year and not even into Arb1 until 2022).

    The signing of Gardner probably diminishes his relevance in NY, though, and the Yankees could always use another upside arm who wouldn’t need to be put on the 40-man/Rule 5 protected just yet. (Bowlan’s shown strong control early in his pro career, but with a knock of ‘inconsistent velocity’. The Yankees have a reputation for coaxing more power out of young arms, and at 6’6″/260lb you can imagine there could be another gear to unlock).

    I like this idea a lot, both ways.

  3. bobby zane

    As a royals fan I could see this at deadline in the season. Not now though. It would be really tough for the royals to part with a big time pitching prospect for a bat that they aren’t sure starts. Most likely is our 4th outfielder or platoon. But if he is playing well to start the season I could see this trade

    • DB A

      I’ll respectfully disagree with both parts of that assertion:
      (1) I don’t think Bowlan is a “big time pitching prospect”. I don’t think he cracks the Royals top 10 list in most public analyst views (and the Royals’ farm is not the Rays’) and
      (2) I don’t think there are 3 OF on KC that project better than Tauchman. Merrifield? Probably – but he’s likely better served at 2B. Benintendi? Maybe. But I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. Taylor? I don’t see it.

      • bobby zane

        Yeah, I understand that. he’s back of the top 10 on most sites for the royals but, I say big time pitching prospect not saying that he is some crazy prospect but in my eyes (which doesn’t really matter) and the royals eyes (does matter), they view him as a starter at the next level and think he will be a successful one. I think most prospect lists tend to look at tools and dont ever really look at results which is fine and im not saying bowlan should be a top 100 prospect but if you look at his results over a full season and his demeanor it means a lot. Compare him to Bubic, Bubic at this time last year was viewed the same way bowlan is now. Bubic made the jump from A+ and was successful in the majors. I’m not saying the whole world views Bowlan as a big prospect but the royals do.They aren’t going to give up a pitching prospect that they think will be a successful big leaguer for a player that they don’t know will perform. The royals probably won’t take that type of risk.

        If tauchman was coming off his 2019 season, yeah I think they would give up bowlan and maybe another mid tier prospect. but as of rn he looks like hes a great corner outfielder and solid CF defender, who has good on base skills. I’m definitely not bought in on Tauchman being a power hitter at all. He could be but for me a lefty that has 1/3 of a season of success under his belt, and hit 7/13 HR in Yankee stadium with the short porch… I believe he may have power and he has middle of the pack exit velocities but definitely not bought in.

        I guess what i’m saying, is if the royals got him now they would be trading for a guy who could be a 240/325/325 OF with good defense with a lot of control, thats still a nice bench piece for the royals, however they could be getting a player that is closer to 2019 version that hits 275/350/450 which is a good starter. But with so little track record and no pedigree (30 yo prospect basically), its hard to buy in fully.

        I also understand you have to take risks but considering they wouldn’t give up a pitching prospect for a guy with a pedigree like benintendi to bounce back they probably wouldn’t give one up for Tauchman even with the extra years of control.

        And thank you for the feedback, Ik that this was a ramble, but love talking baseball with yall

  4. bobby zane

    I’m assuming you’re a Yankees fan. I put together a trade if you’re trying to make a trade this off-season. Would you take Junis and lucious fox? I figure Junis would be good for the Yankees because of how questionable starters 2-4 are injury wise in the Yankees rotation. Junis can eat innings if needed but I see him as a very good bullpen pitcher he just doesn’t have the arsenal to be a good starter long term. Fox could take over for Tyler Wade as infielder off the bench that could be used as a pinch runner and he would also have a much higher ceiling

  5. bobby zane

    If you make a trade to the royals for tauchman rn and you want mlb talent, I would say look at junis and jesse hahn maybe. However if youre wanting prospects teams usually don’t trade one prospect for one mlb player. Correct me if I’m wrong but its much more common to send a package of prospects. SO a package may look like Zach Haake, Brewer Hicklen, tyler gentry… idk but pick a package of 2 or 3 prospects maybe and give a slight edge toward the yankees side of the deal since they are trading one player more valuable than each individual player

  6. Bill Wellman

    Can I give a “thumbs-up” to the great discussion while giving a “thumbs-down” to the proposed trade?

    The Royals are rebuilding–they need young prospects, not past-prime replacement-level MLB players.

  7. DB A

    Tauchman has been a ~3 win player, pro rata, over 2019-2020. That’s certainly not a fair baseline going forward, but cut in half (Zips has him at something like 2.5 war over a full 2021 – better than Benintendi – so this is not outlandish) and you have a player worth many millions more than the “replacement level” guy he’ll be getting paid as. And fills a need for KC.

    I hear you on where the Royals are on the win curve, but they don’t strike me as a tear-it-to-the-floorboards type of club. If anything, I think they believe that they can hang around the net in the Central and maybe get lucky. (I am not sure I buy it myself – but they might.)

    I like Bowlan, but we’re not talking about Asa Lacy here – he’s a 24yr old who’s never pitched above high-A, and doesn’t show up on any Royals Top 10 lists that I can see.

    • bobby zane

      Yeah I get that. It’s going to be hard to pry pitching from the royals, no matter what. Since they’re a small market team and typically suck at developing prospects, they recently got good at developing pitchers so that is their currency. That is there main source of wealth. If they want to go after tauchman I would think they would do whatever than can to not give up a good pitching prospect. And I’m not saying exactly that the deal isn’t fair. I would say it is, but it’s a trade I struggle to see the royals making. They overpaid according to this site big time for benintendi. But as far as we know the real players the royals gave up weren’t pitchers. If you tried to get 6 or 7 mil in prospects that aren’t top pitching prospects (from Dan Lynch to Austin Cox on mlb pipeline. Bowlan is 8th on that list) I think that would work. And like I said if you want mlb talent the only place I could see it coming from is the bullpen and probably not one of the young guys or anybody who has an important role. Junis, Hahn, lucious fox?? Idk I’m just trying to throw things out to you that I think the royals would actually do. And that the Yankees would actually do. I want tauchman and I would love to get a deal done hahaha.

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