Yankees & Braves




Yankees & Braves

April 17, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Anderson 23 Majors SP Very low 6.0 121.2 55.8 65.4 52.3 65.4 78.5


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Cabrera Minors 2B 1.6 1.3 1.6 1.9
Dominguez Minors OF 38 30.4 38 45.6
Gomez Minors RHP 7.5 6 7.5 9
Medina Minors RHP 10.6 8.5 10.6 12.7
Vargas Minors SS 14.5 11.6 14.5 17.3
    • M P

      Aren’t the Braves in win now mode? Can’t see them doing this trade.

  1. Kyle Heinchon

    I get that Anderson is from New York, but if the Braves are going to be trading him at this point, it will take both an overpay in prospects and at least one Major League pitcher. Think of Severino + Schmidt (happens to be from Georgia too) + Dominguez as a starting point. Then Swap Higashioka for Austin Jackson. Doing that you end up with a 10 point overpay in prospects, 1-2 ML pitchers to the Braves, and a backup catcher swap. I think the deal would work out without the catchers at all, but thought the years of control might tempt the Yankees. You end up swapping a kid from New York back to New York and a kid from Georgia back to Georgia as well. Maybe both teams could use that storyline to sell it to their disappointed fanbases (both fanbases would be disappointed in this trade).

    The Braves might prefer Montgomery or Taillon because they could pitch NOW while they would have to wait for Severino. However, a playoff rotation of Severino, Soroka, Morton, and Fried would be tough to beat this year. Then next year swap out Morton for Schmidt in that playoff rotation.

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