Diamondbacks & Yankees




Diamondbacks & Yankees

October 8, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
German 28 Majors SP Medium 3.0 24.3 13.9 10.4 8.3 10.4 12.5
Gomez Minors RHP 7.5 6 7.5 9
Peraza Minors SS 25.5 20.4 25.5 30.6


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Marte 27 Majors 2B OF Low 3.0 67.2 26.4 40.8 32.6 40.8 49
  1. Tim Estadt

    You need a clear win to trade Marte and it’s a trade that should hurt the other team at first glance. This doesn’t hurt the Yankees in any way. German brings no value to AZ in this trade.

    • J T

      Well this trade revolves around the two top prospects in Peraza and Gomez, I’m going to guess you don’t know much about them.

      • Tim Estadt

        Those are 2 good prospects. Neither is their best SS prospect nor their best pitching prospect. DBacks won’t settle for a package to trade Marte nor should they.

        • Douglas Joslyn

          Ketel Marte, for all the hype, isn’t the best player at any position he’s played either.
          He’s played in more than 75% of his teams games twice in 7 seasons. He is a big injury risk. The DBacks may want a kings ransom for him, but he probably doesn’t warrant it.

    • jeff blackwell

      GMs aren’t foolish so fair trades usually benefit both teams (not punish) or they don’t make them

  2. DB A

    I generally like this trade but

    (A) I don’t think a German, as a pitcher who turns 30 next summer, lines up that well with where AZ is in their rebuild (which is not to say that he has “no value”)


    (B) I am not convinced that CF is NYY’s biggest need. Judge and Gallo can seemingly be serviceable out there, with Gardner filling in as well. Marte coule actually be interesting to NY as a SS – but he hasn’t played there much in recent years and I suspect they’d target someone else for that spot.

    • Douglas Joslyn

      Trying to figure out what the Diamondbacks believe they need is one of the toughest challenges to any trade involving them. They thought they were ready to compete in 2020 and blamed their disappointing finish on a Covid shortened quirky season. They entered this year with virtually the same team, trying to get an accurate assessment on what they had over a full 162 game season. That experiment failed miserably, so it’s anybody’s guess how they’ll proceed now.

      If you look at the numbers:
      #26 in OPS
      #29 in ERA
      Farm system ranked #9 overall
      Almost their entire MLB roster is full of controllable young players (About 25-30 are under control for at least 3 more years)

      It makes it even more difficult to guess what they will do. That being said, if they part with Marte, they probably would want to trade out German for Schmidt or Garcia just for the upside. Garcia had a miserable year in the Yankee organization in 2021, but he holds much more upside than German ever dreamed of.

      As far as Yankees needing a CF – YES. They have a need at SS that could be filled via free agency this year with many significant options on the market. Maybe including Gleyber in a trade for Marte makes sense for both sides as well? But CF is probably #3 on the Yankees overall need list this year but the most difficult to address without a trade. Starling Marte is the only significant CF on the market and at 32 years old, will probably be seeking a 4-5 year deal, which I would try to stay clear from and so will the Yankees. Ketel may be an easy pivot.

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