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Guardians & Rays

October 14, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Diaz 29 Majors 1B Medium 3.0 20.4 12.6 7.8 6.2 7.8 9.4
Lowe 26 Majors 2B Low 5.0 146.4 40.0 106.4 85.2 106.4 127.7
Margot 26 Majors OF Medium 1.0 8.4 5.1 3.3 2.6 3.3 4
Yarbrough 29 Majors SP Medium 2.0 18.1 11.0 7.1 5.7 7.1 8.5


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Clase 23 Majors RHRP Low 5.0 56.6 18.8 37.8 22.6 30.2 37.8
Mace Minors RHP 1.7 1.4 1.7 2
Ramirez 28 Majors 3B 2B Medium 2.0 96.7 24.0 72.7 58.1 72.7 87.2
Williams Minors RHP 5.4 4.3 5.4 6.5
  1. Darryl Southard

    Okay…this does assume that Ramirez is available for trade. Cleveland is loaded with up-coming INF, but Diaz can go back to Cleveland and play 3B until either Jones or Arias is ready. They do need OF and Lowe could possibly play OF and his power would play there or they could trade either Freeman or Arias if Lowe stays at 2B. Margot much better option than Mercado (even if 4th OF). This trade is really Lowe for Ramirez and Clase, but TB is going to have a 40 man crunch and this trade would open up 2 spots as the 2 pitchers in return would not have to be promoted to 40 man for 3 years. Losing Lowe does hurt a little, but getting Ramirez gives TB a true 3B since Longo and they could put Brujan at 2B and hopefully have a true leadoff hitter.

    • M P

      Losing Lowe hurts a little??? You know he’s averaging about 4 fWAR per year and still getting better. He posted 5.2 fWAR in 2021. I wouldn’t be surprised by 6-8 next year.

      Ramirez is damn good. I’m not suggesting he isn’t. But he’s only under control for 2 more years. B.Lowe is under control for 5 more.

      So big picture. I’m not sure the Rays would be better on the field in 22/23 swapping B.Lowe for Ramirez, and then of course, Ramirez is gone after 23 and the Rays are much worse. Clase is definitely good, but the Rays have a ton of relievers and a bunch of high leverage relievers returning from injury next year (e.g., Anderson, Poche, Beeks, Thompson, and maybe even Springs). Rays need a starter. If the Rays are trading Lowe, I want Bieber.

      • Darryl Southard

        I guess a “little” was definitely an over-reaction on my part….just frustrated that he was terrible for 2 straight years in the playoffs. They could also trade decent prospects for either Manaea, Montas or Gomber. But I do get if you trade Lowe….would want a TOR.

    • J.M. F.

      Cleveland is also facing a 40 man roster crunch so this proposal would be quickly rejected. Why also would the small market Guardians trade 5 years of their closer? Cleveland has no need for middle infielders as their farm system is loaded in that area and Lowe has little playing time in the outfield. A fourth outfielder and a long reliever spot start are also not appealing parts for Cleveland.

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