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July 4, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bart 25 Majors C Medium 4.5 13.3 5.1 8.2 6.6 8.2 9.9
Bednar Minors RHP 5.4 4.3 5.4 6.5
Harrison Minors LHP 27.6 22.1 27.6 33.1


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Castillo 29 Majors SP High 1.5 53.2 14.7 38.5 30.8 38.5 46.3
Schrock 27 Majors 2B 3B Medium 4.5 7.9 5.1 2.8 2.3 2.8 3.4
  1. Guillermo hernandez

    The Giants are barely .500, chasing 2 juggernauts. They lost Posey’s salary, and are about to lose Belt and Longo’s. They can spend a lot in FA this offseason, without having to give up top prospects. I can’t see them trading this much future talent for a rental, when they have very little chance of winning the division.

  2. James Reddy

    Reds have Tyler Stephenson, so Bart makes zero sense in this trade.

    • Jack Willoughby

      Reserve catcher/ good catching prospects is one of Reds many needs. This trade addresses that need. BTW, Dodgers or Padres landing Castillo and the Giants 2023 season could make little sense. Lastly Giants have done very well with former Reds sp the last couple years.

  3. Cameron Armstrong

    I’d pass on this, wouldn’t be giving up Harrison for Castillo at this point. Best pitching prospect since MadBum, Bednar and Bart maybe

      • Nate Dub

        He’s not going to give up Harrison for Castillo, straight up. He certainly wouldn’t also add two first round picks for him.

  4. William Martin

    I agree with the Giant supporters on this one. IMO the Giants and Reds are not a good trade match.

    For the Reds, I see a strong catcher, like Alvarez or Kirk, as a need for the reason noted by cwright41 and whosurred above. A strong LH OF would be great…Corbin Carrol of the D-Backs would be perfect. Finally, I still don’t see the Reds with a strong SS prospect, no disrespect to McClain or Barrero.

    Other Reds supporters are encouraged to share their thoughts. Perhaps Robert Hassell of the Padres would make another strong addition.

    If Reds are shopping for this much high-end talent, trading Castillo or Mahle for more pitching seems ill advised.

  5. KXW //

    Why not just keep Kyle Harrison if you’re the Giants? It looks like he’s for real, and it doesn’t feel like the Giants need to rush anything this year.

  6. Oakland Fan

    Harrison will be worth much more than 27 in a few months. Castillo is great but he only has 1.5 more years of control — Harrison has 6

    • Jack Willoughby

      Coast teamswith all that rvenue think differently. Do you want the Harrison/Kershaw matchup for your season?

      • Nate Dub

        It’s not about the 2022 season. It’s about the 6 full years of team control the Giants will have with Harrison when he’s ready for the majors (mid-2023 or early 2024). Giving that up, along with Bednar, for Castillo just isn’t worth the cost.

        The Giants have Webb & Rodon if you’re worried about top-level matchups. They can probably find a formidable rotation addition without selling the best two pitching prospects in the organization.

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