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September 17, 2022


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bibee Minors RHP 8.5 6.8 8.5 10.2
Freeman 23 Majors 2B Medium 6 16.7 3 13.7 11 13.7 16.4
Palacios 25 Majors OF Medium 5 3 0.7 2.3 1.9 2.3 2.8
Plesac 27 Majors SP Medium 3 14.2 8.3 5.9 4.7 5.9 7.1


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Bush Minors LHP 5.1 4.1 5.1 6.1
O'Hoppe Minors C 24.4 19.5 24.4 29.3
  1. Sean McEnany

    Rangers would like Bibee and Plesac too. What does Cleveland need?

    • Eli Kov

      What would you suggest..

      Catcher is the #1 priority for acquisition by the Guardians heading into the 2023 season..

      A first base hitter..who eschews handed splits would be a good thing..

      ..always looking for pitching and well thought of position players…. rough/raw gems to be.. aka.. a lottery ticket..


  2. Ty Archy

    Cleveland isn’t doing that for O’Hoppe…

  3. Big Bat

    A catcher is not Cleveland’s #1 priority. I doubt it’s a priority at all. Worst case scenario is they come to an easy agreement in arbitration with Maile and Naylor starts the 23 season in Cleveland. While Lavastida has struggled with the bat this season, he has been a very good offensive player and this season is more than likely an anomaly.

    They’re not giving up Bibee in any deal like this. It can be argued that he is the most likely of he, Espino, Williams, Cantillo, Hankins and all the others to see time in Cleveland early in 23. There are numerous other SP prospects to give up for a C prospect.

    Cleveland does not need Bush.

    • Eli Kov

      It’s (Bibee being the next coming) an argument you’d lose.. PUT YOUR HOMER HAT IN THE GARBAGE.. It’s unbecoming..

      like what’s left of your mind.. two catchers at the ML level with a combined 0.194 BA, one a FA the other a single year remaining under team control.. THE CATCHING SITUATION IS A DISASTER in the making…. With the answer being a complete untried minor leaguer with a one year rental?? RIDICULOUS ! smh..

      Says it won’t happen in “any deal like this” means untouchable.. another remarkably ill conceived and moronic assertion.. early 23 is “hit and hope”..

      So, you emotionally conceive a dislike for a deal followed by losing objectivity over what a prospect pitcher like Bush is.. not unusual for a homer..

      Just a ridiculous take.. like so many homer takes..

      • Ty Archy

        O’Hoppe is farther away from MLB time than Naylor is… I mean he spent 22 at AA. He had good AA numbers but he is just as untried ad Naylor…

      • Big Bat

        It’s an argument I would lose huh? No homer hat here and if you were paying attention then you would realize how ignorant this deal is for Cleveland. The catching situation is a disaster in your mind only, but this isn’t anything new. Funny how you think the C is so dire that it needs to add one that is playing AA ball.

        If Bibee isn’t untouchable he sure as hell isn’t going anywhere for this lousy return. Bush is nowhere near the SP prospect that Bibee is. What planet are you living on? Just to put things into perspective. In his first pro season Bibee has a 2.17 ERA, <7 H9, 11 SO9. What idiot would trade a pitcher like that for a AA C when you already have a couple very nice C prospects. One ready to make his debut.

        Just a ridiculous proposal….

        • Eli Kov

          It’s not ignorant.. that’s a BS comment..

          The only catcher they have under contract (edit, under control, not contract) for 2023 is the current back up.. Somehow, someway.. you’ve come to the conclusion a guy who’s NEVER seen day on in the ML’s is going to be the starter.. THAT’S A RECIPE FOR DISASTER..

          Yes.. Ky Bush is very much close to Bibee..

          QUIT BEING A HOMER.. or if you prefer.. AN IDIOT..

          • Ty Archy

            Bush isn’t as good as Bibee… There isn’t any it’s ands or buts about that one… He is a solid left SP prospect, but not as good as Bibee

            O’Hoppe hasn’t really played above AA so he is behind on paper to Naylor… Lava at least got some MLB time and AAA time… O’Hoppe may end up better than them, but he needs AAA time in 23, so he wouldn’t be available until the second half in all sincerity at earliest

  4. J.M. F.

    Here are my thoughts. Every trade that the Guardians have made the past several years has provided help for the MLB club and for the future. This lacks the MLB component that any trade made this offseason will definitely include. Despite GSon’s comment, O’Hoppe does not address Cleveland’s need at catcher to start 2023. If Naylor, who has more high level experience, is a disaster waiting to happen, how does a AA catcher help? Your comment makes little sense to me.

    On additional comment, you ask for comments at the end of each of your posts, yet you stoop to name calling anyone that disagrees with you. Grow up. I don’t always agree with SportsCoach or Big Bat, but we all are able to listen to and respect each other. You should try that sometime.

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