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March 25, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Diaz 26 Majors RHRP Low 5 41.6 16.7 24.9 19.9 24.9 29.9
Cash 10


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Parada Minors C OF 26.1 20.9 26.1 31.3
Ramirez Minors OF 21.1 16.9 21.1 25.3
  1. Marc Parkinson

    This is what is should cost (10 mil include to get the simulator to accept it)
    Do not think the Met’s are willing to pay the sky high price the Reds to on Diaz (And the price is what they should ask)
    Several of the Reds trades last year, broke the model (I know the great majority are accepted)

  2. Marc Parkinson

    Note, Risky for the Mets, but with the 2 Diaz’s in the pen, you will one of the best BP in baseball for years to come.
    This is the rumor of the cost I read out of a Reds blog site.
    What do you Mets’ fans think. (I do not think the Reds will take less)

  3. Michael Parker

    Really a tough call for both teams to say yes. Reds absolutely do not have to or need to trade Diaz. He’s young, cheap, controllable and very good. On the other hand, if he could yield a return that would benefit the team in other ways, it may be worth the look. Elite closers are great pieces to have on contending teams but not so much on marginal and/or below .500 teams. The Reds do not look to make the playoffs in 2023 and a position like Diaz could be considered a luxury, whereas; the team has many others needs. That’s not to say that the Reds will not be contending sooner than later as 2025-2028 looks like a nice window for the team who will then need a closer during that time. If they Kept Alexis, he could definitely fill that void.

    However; if a team that’s all in like the Mets are in need of a quality closer, the Reds would have to listen but the ask would not be cheap. IMO, the Reds wouldn’t want to trade Diaz for anything less than an offer that blows them away. Five years of cheap control is very intriguing. Reds are in need of OF prospects, another catcher, and starting pitching. I think the Mets could offer this but will they is the million dollar question. IMO, prospects like Ronny Mauricio and Jett Williams really doesn’t move the needle that much for the Reds. I think Brett Baty does but believe the Reds have moved on from that ask.

    As far as the proposed offer above, that is a premium as from a Mets perspective but agree, not sure the Reds would take much less. Reds are really high on Alex Ramirez but he is very much still a boom/bust candidate. I think Parada has a much safer floor. Even if he doesn’t end up behind the plate, he can play a serviceable LF who hits for average. I lean toward the headliner being either Parada or Baty. Reds may consider other parts besides Ramirez such as a SP4/SP5 starter in the bigs along with some other nice prospect arms.

    The part of the equation that many are missing is that for a candidate such as Diaz, you would want to test the waters with other contending teams to see what offer is the best. In order to exclusively deal with the Mets, their offer must be a WOW offer and kind of a take it now or leave it. If this comes down to the trade deadline, many teams will be ‘in’ on Diaz which will drive the return even higher. So unless, Diaz has some regression, his value at the deadline will remain relatively the same.

    The big question for the Mets is will they regret not making the WOW offer. They have already sunk a considerable amount of $$ in to this ‘all in’ team. A move like Diaz wouldn’t cost more money but would cost prospect capital. In the end, will the Mets regret not making a move early on Diaz and worst case be out of it by the break. Even if not out of it, having the Diaz brothers in the same pen for many years and the chemistry it could create (plus potential to sell a ton of merch and tickets) may be something the Mets shouldn’t pass on. Prospects are prospects and many do not pan out.

    As a Reds fan, I make this trade! When we are in contention then look to make a future trade and or lock up somebody in FA to be the closer. If the net sum can move the needle forward during rebuild – strike while the iron is hot!

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