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Cardinals & Braves

August 11, 2023


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Alvarez Minors 3B 7.8 6.3 7.8 9.4
Anderson 25 Majors SP Low 3.3 12.1 7.4 4.7 3.8 4.7 5.6
Elder 24 Majors SP Medium 6.3 85.2 37.3 47.9 38.3 47.9 57.5
Grissom 22 Majors 2B 3B Low 5.3 13.7 3.3 10.3 8.3 10.3 12.4


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Nootbaar 25 Majors CF Medium 4.3 129.3 60.5 68.8 55 68.8 82.5
  1. Mac Daddy

    I’m a Braves fan as well and I’d do this trade in a heartbeat. BTV has Lars Nootbar evaluated as one of their Top 30. That’d be an elite OF in ATL.

    I believe the Cardinals will be competing to win a World Series in 2024. A front-of-the-rotation kind of guy (or two) is just what they need to get in the upcoming offseason. Trading away Nootbar should be able to land them this. Does Bryce Elder fit the bill here?

    I’m not so confident that he is. He hasn’t been all that good since the end of May. HIs pitches aren’t all that different but the results are. I think hitters have figured out some stuff with him and he’s yet to make the needed adjustments. He was bound to regress this season to a truer mean. If you like Elder’s upside a lot then this is looking like a better trade for the Card’s.

    I’m not so sure that Grissom’s a good fit for SS/2B in St. Louis. I think they’re looking for a SP or two and so this isn’t a good match. I feel the same about Ignacio Alvarez. It’s just not where the St. Louis Cardinals have a priority need.

    • Walt Weidman

      St Louis is going to lose wainwright, and most likely Montgomery+Flaherty. Elder and Anderson (seems like you missed him) would be upgrades to the rotation, middle rotation guys. I used Anderson because he’s proven at the MLB level but if you don’t like the medicals then you can swap in Shuster or Dodd as the second SP, or hell, throw another in for a 3rd SP. Upside would say Elder could be a 2, and bad case 4-5. Regardless, Elder is a high quality starter. Grissom is only 22, it gives them long control of an MLB ready bat if they think he can improve defensively and be a better bat than Edman who’s 28 and they’ll have to commit to soon with a couple years left of control. Alvarez is a throw in for the possibility of an Arenado replacement given that they don’t have a top 30 3B prospect in their org. Gorman will probably move to 3rd but no clue what Stlouis will do post Arenado but Grissom adds in infielder to help with this equation. Again, Alvarez is 20 years old, so the development timeline is post Arenado.

      For the Braves, it’s a no brainer. Nootbar would end the platooning in LF, upgrade LF defense, and really round out the best lineup in baseball. Can go ahead and extend him to a long contract immediately to get some discount as well. Also doesn’t hurt to have an Ohtani friend on the team for a free agency longshot

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