Pirates & Yankees




Pirates & Yankees

January 24, 2021


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Contreras Minors RHP 4.8 3.8 4.8 5.8
Escotto Minors SS 4 3 4 5
Smith Minors OF 7.6 6.3 7.6 8.9
Yajure Minors RHP 5.4 4.3 5.4 6.5


Name Age Level P1 P2 Availablility Years AFV Salary Surplus Low Median High
Taillon 29 Majors SP Low 2.0 21.9 5.6 16.3 13 16.3 19.6
  1. John Bitzer

    Looks like the Pirates got a decent return here. Yankees clear two spots from their 40.

    • Robbie Hyde

      Pirates making up for that horrid Musgrove trade. Good for them!

      • John Bitzer

        Agreed. I’ve noticed these things tend to even out over the long run.

  2. Patrick Ward

    I really like this return for Pittsburgh, especially considering he hasn’t thrown a pitch in over a calendar year.

  3. Patrick Pikell

    Now that probably means, that the Yankees are probably satisfied with their pitching. Maybe they can try to get Realmuto and Gardner? They went with the cheap option with Taillon, so I think, that they still have a little to spend.

    • Casey Hertzler

      Gardner is way, way, way more likely. Realmuto and Phillies will get it done.

      • Patrick Pikell

        Realmuto hasn’t accepted any offers from the Phillies yet, maybe he is waiting for the market to develop. I’m not sure how much money left do the Yankees have to spend for 2021, I don’t think, that they will go after Bauer, but Realmuto should get like 10mln a year less. I don’t know what will the Yankees do besides bringing back Gardner. Maybe they are pretty much done.

        • Cameron Nordstrom

          There is no salary cap, but the Yankees do have only $2.6M left before they hit the luxury tax threshold. Realmuto wants to top Mauer’s $23M AAV contract for the highest annual salary for a catcher. There’s nothing saying that the Yankees can’t pass by the threshold like they have in the past, but recently Cashman’s been intent on staying under.

  4. Sean Ricky-Bobby

    I love Tails but the second TJ worries me a good deal, smart to cash out now for the Pirates and they got a very good return.

    • John Bitzer

      Agreed. We actually researched the history of pitchers with two TJ surgeries, and it’s not pretty. That’s why we applied a healthy risk deduction here.

      • Oliver O

        Hey can I see this research? Sounds interesting. Thanks

      • Sean Ricky-Bobby

        I wish we could see him back at full strength but I worry even with a health 2021 season 2022 might be the time we see him at his best. Pitching off a lot of rust and will need to adjust to NYY’s breaker heavy approach. He always seemed to be a pitch mix change away from becoming a strikeout guy but we have seen some pitchers struggle with the breaker focused approach. Yankees can afford this risk more then some other teams with Sevy coming back at some point and Deivi back in AAA so I look at this a less of a vote of confidence in his health and more a product of Cashman’s ability to mitigate the risk against the field of suitors.

    • Cameron Nordstrom

      Forgive me if I’m wrong, but didn’t Taillon also miss significant time due to testicular cancer a few years ago? I don’t think that would affect his performance, but on top of 2 TJS, that’s quite the damage to his body. Regardless, I’m rooting for the guy to succeed.

    • Cameron Nordstrom

      I’m not. If there’s any organization that needed a hard reset, it was the Pirates. Ever since the offseason where they traded Cole and McCutchen, they have gone downhill fast. Huntington and Coonelly refused to sign anyone in free agency. On the other side, their farm system has struggled to consistently produce MLB caliber talent largely due to outdated pitching philosophies. This then led them to trade their “bust” prospects, who just so happen to realize their potential in an organization that makes use of their talent rather than forcing them to fit into a premade mold. And on top of this poorly run system, the MLB team was in shambles on the field and off, with multiple instances of brawls with other teams and within the team itself, ultimately culminating with the discovery that their most valuable player, who they had recently signed to an extension, was a pedophile. That is rock bottom. The overturn of the front office, coaching staff, and MLB team may hurt in the moment, but Pirates fans can at least have a hope that the future of the team will be better than what they’ve already been subjugated to.

  5. John Bitzer

    Two more points on this trade: 1) There is hidden value for the Yankees here because Taillon’s small salary enables them to stay under the luxury tax (at least for now), and thus save money. 2) They have a boatload of prospects in this $4-$7M range, so this hardly makes a dent in their system. For those reasons, a moderate overpay here makes sense.

  6. IMO, this trade should be a flag for Al Avila to possibly moving Turnbull.

    • Cameron Nordstrom

      I agree. They have a ton of pitching prospects debuting within next two years, at which time Turnbull will be 30, so they can afford to let him go. They should be able to get a couple of decent position players to complement their competitive window a few years from now if they trade him now.

  7. Jon White

    Like this trade for the Pirates but they should have gotten guys further away than Yajure and Contreras. No need to be burning service time and taking 40 man slots when the team is going to be horrible anyway.

    • DB A

      I think you have to assume that the fact that these guy were on the 40 man is part of the reason the Bucs got as much value as they did. IE, NYY needed to clear space.

      • John Bitzer

        Agreed. They did a good job of leveraging that point to squeeze a bit more value out of New York.

  8. John Bitzer

    It’s being reported that the Rays were one of the other teams that put in a bid for Taillon. A comparable return from Tampa, based on our values, would have been, say: Nick Schnell (5.4), Alika Williams (5.0), Alejandro Pie (4.6), and perhaps one of Seth Johnson (3.7) or Tyler Frank (3.4). Since they didn’t win the bid, the total was probably a bit less than the one from NYY overall.

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